Oxva Origin 2 constantly hitting dry

Hey guys. So I didn’t know where else to ask this so I thought I’d come on here.

I’ve just bought an Oxva Origin 2 and I’m relatively new to vaping, but I wanted to make the move from disposables because they’re just not economically viable for me.

As much as I like the Origin 2 in terms of aesthetics, it keeps hitting dry as heck.

I made sure to saturate the 0.2ohm coil properly, I even roughed up the cotton to see if it would soak up the juice better.

It made a difference for like 3 hits, then went back to scratching up my throat and lungs.

I’m using Vapourizi 50/50 juice, the mango+raspberry flavour.
I’m just confused, because I’ve heard generally pretty great things about the Oxva Origin 2, and I’m wondering why it’s not working for me.

I left it over night to see if it would make a difference, nope. I tried different wattages, nope. I tried different flavours, nope. Different amounts of air, nope.
How the heck do I make this thing taste good. I really want it to work for me. Should I just swap in the 0.3ohm and start again, and wait even longer for it saturate?

Any help appreciated.


Heya @SnekInMyBoot and endive to the VC forums.

Your problem sounds like a strange one indeed. It could be that you have a duff coil/pod. Do you have another to swap it with and try?


I have another coil which i might try. But i also might have a solution.

The liquid i was using was 50/50 10ml bottles of pre-nicced 12mg fluid.

I realised this was a) the wrong consistency and b) way too much nic.

Ive gone out and bought some 70%VG Fango Mango liquid to see if it makes any difference; heres hoping.


It may well be your 50/50 juice. Modern devices (even MTL) these days wick fine with thicker juices so are less likely to get dry/burnt hits but thinner juices although wicking isn’t a problem (in fact quite the opposite you risk getting flooded coils) really doesn’t like higher wattage as it evaporates with heat much quicker so can then get dry/burn hits. If you are using coils around 0.2 or 0.3ohm then the wattage will not be favourable to thinner juices which were more commonly used with old school MTL 1+ohm vaping were 7 to 10w would be the norm.


That definitely sounds like a bad coil. I’ve experienced that issue with a new lost vape coil on my Gemini pod/mod, once I replaced the coil it wicked fine. I eventually switched to a RBA base instead of stock coils. If you are using a 50/50 juice on a stock coil you should definitely not get dry hits.