OXBAR RRD a refillable disposable pod system


I hadn’t heard of OXBAR before this review, however it turns out that they are part of OXVA, a company that has made a lot of high quality atomizers, pod systems and mods over the past couple of years.

One of the main factors in OXVA standing out as a vape manufacturer, is their ability to innovate – they just do things a little differently. Let’s see if the OXBAR RRD Pod follows the same pattern.

Product overview

The OXBAR RRD Pod is a 13.5mm thin, 550mAh, with a 5ml refillable tank, 5V/1A fast charging and a claimed puff limit of over 10000.

What do you get?

You have two choices:

  • RRD Pod – this is just the pod system – no juice included. This is the US market version.

  • RRD – this package includes the pod system plus 15ml. This version will not be sold in the US.

First impressions

Easy first impression – at 13.5mm thin, the RRD is tiny, just about small enough to keep in my wallet.

The entire juice section of the pod is slightly tinted, but so you can easily see the juice level and there is a small rubber cover for the side refill port.

The main body it metal, giving the device a solid feeling, the plastic base has the USB charging port and activation button – this is not an on/off button – just activate the device once, and you won’t need the button again.

How does it perform?

I tried three of these pods at the same time, one with mango RY4, one with blueberry raspberry ice and one with caramel tobacco. While the mango RY4 and caramel tobacco were very good, with clear distinct flavors and satisfying vape, the blueberry raspberry ice was the stand out for me – this pod deals well with all juice, but shines with fruit flavors.

The airflow is medium tight, giving a decent MTL draw and while there isn’t a huge amount of vapor production, the vapor is very condensed and creamy and the throat hit is warm and satisfying.


The combination of 550mAh and fast charging mean that the RRD charges really quickly, of course this will depends on your charger.


I really like the fact that you can choose this pod system with or without juice – I don’t use 50 or 20mg juice, so being able to use something with lower nicotine was perfect for me.

Another plus point is the size – because it’s refillable, it can be much smaller than similar device.

The only negative point I can find with the RRD is the lack of airflow control.


The RRD Pod was sent to me by OXBAR for the purposes of this review.

Link RRD Pod