Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the WASP NANO MTL RTA from Oumier. The OUMIER WASP NANO MTL RTA was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.




When it comes to budget atomizers that still give excellent performance you need look no further than Oumier who have consistently raised the question if they can do it for that price why can’t others?

They are best known for the WASP which comes in numerous renditions and here we have the Wasp Nano MTL RTA which i am late to the party with but never turn down the opportunity to test anything from Oumier!

The Wasp Nano MTL RTA has dual bottom airflow slots adjusting over a series of airflow holes feeding side airflow outlets which wrap air around your coil, easy build deck and a choice between a transparent PCTG Chamber or pre-installed Stainless Steel one. Coming in a choice of 3 different colour options, let’s check this little 22mm MTL RTA out!

In The Box



1 x Wasp Nano MTL
4 x Coils
2 x Slotted Set Screws
3 x Transparent Silicon ring
1 x Spare Top-cap/Drip tip
1 x PCTG fill plate/Chamber
1 x Bubble Glass
1 x T-shaped Screwdriver
1 x Cotton
1 x User Manual



The Wasp Nano MTL RTA came in small cardboard box packaging with an outer cardboard sleeve and on opening we have the completed RTA with straight glass presented one side and an assembled bubble glass with PCTG Chamber and fill plate and spare top-cap/drip tip the other.

I received the Black version, the options are Stainless Steel, Black or Gold. Up top we have a PCTG stepped top-cap with an integrated drip-tip. Through the glass we can see the Wasp logo on the chamber and on the base we have the dual slotted AFC with Wasp logo’s carved both front and back.

Moving to the base we have printed branding and safety stamps with a Gold plated 510 which protrudes nicely. The overall size is small and quite cute looking even when swapping out for the bubble glass!


Wasp Nano MTL RTA Specs and Features:

Size: 22mm x 40.9mm
Capacity: 2ml/1.2ml
Coil: Single Coil
Material: 304 Stainless Steel & PCTG
22mm diameter with 2ml capacity
Straight and bubble tube included
Deck for easy single coil building
Top-cap with integrated drip tip
Adjustable bottom dual airflow holes
Thread: 510
Colours: Stainless Steel, Black, Gold



What You Receive?

As well as the completed RTA you also receive an already assembled bubble glass, PCTG chamber and spare top-cap/drip tip section. You also receive a bag of spares which includes spare (Green O-rings), grub screws and a T-piece tool.

You receive the manual full of diagrams and a bag with 4 cotton strips and 4 Kanthal micro coils which have obviously been incorrectly named in the specs as 0.2ohm coils which they clearly are not!


It’s Various Parts!

Up top we have a PCTG top-cap with integrated drip tip so if you don’t like it you are stuck with it, a spare top-cap/drip tip section is included but it’s identical. The top-cap screws on via the chimney threading and has an O-ring to it’s perimeter to seal. Removing the top-cap reveals 3 good sized fill ports which appear to be almost right on top of the chamber but i had no issues with filling quickly.


The straight glass holds a disappointing 1.2ml of e-liquid although the bubble glass does increase capacity but still only to 2ml.


The glass both secures and seals to an O-ring to the underside of the fill plate. We then have the fill plate, chimney and chamber section which is Stainless Steel with the pre-assembled tank but also included is a lightweight semi-transparent alternative. The base section includes a raised deck which has the familiar Wasp post design. The AFC moves with a nice tolerance and has stoppers but as far as i can tell can’t be removed.


The PCTG Spare Section

As mentioned as well as the RTA coming complete with a metal chamber section and straight glass we get a second assembly comprising of everything accept the base section which gives a bubble glass and PCTG chamber/fill plate option.

This gives you a spare top-cap/drip tip section just in case the acrylic threading wears and the chamber/fill section which will make a quite light RTA even lighter. For me though the PCTG chamber section is too thin and although i am not a materials expert i would have no confidence with the durability where heat is involved!

One thing i did do though which i expect pretty much everyone will do is swapped the straight glass with useless 1.2ml capacity to the still low capacity 2ml bubble glass!


The Airflow

This has a weird airflow design for MTL which instead of having varying sized holes one side to choose from it has a series of five 2mm holes ether side then dual slots on the AFC to have one, two, up to 5 holes open either side much more akin to a RDL design. The restriction is then helped by having narrow channels that lead to the airflow outlets on the posts.


So the air comes in through the inlets but instead of travelling underneath the deck and out an airflow outlet directly underneath your coil it travels from both sides up through the posts and out through 3 airflow outlets on each post giving side rather than bottom airflow!


The Build

The Wasp Nano MTL RTA has the usual raised deck with side wicking channels and side terminals on the posts. We have two large posts facing each other and diagonal to each other side terminal openings with screws fastening from above so acting as clamps!

I was going to use one of the supplied micro coils but i don’t know whether it’s just that long ago since using such thin wire but when trying to thread the cotton through i mangled the coil and didn’t even get that far with my second attempt so gave up and instead used a MTL Alien Hybrid prototype i am testing which is an NI80/SS coil at 0.6ohms!

Your leads just get slotted in from the sides and the terminals curve downwards so your leads don’t pop out while securing! You then can use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to adjust the position of your coil, i would recommend lining it up so the airflow outlets are lined up with the lower sides of the coil! I then snipped my leads and checked the leads where still secured tight before pulsing on a low wattage strumming any hotspots out!


Wicking is just a case of feeding your cotton through and cutting level to the outside threading of the deck, ignore the photo i did trim more before applying e-quid. Because the deck has side wicking channels with no rail you need to apply e-liquid to help place the cotton in the channels. Once the cotton is in the channels add more liquid and give it a few pulses to admire your work!!!, screw the tank together and fill!


How It Vapes? And Thoughts!

Straight off i am not a fan of either the alternative PCTG chamber section which feels so flimsy or that the drip tip is integrated, it’s not uncomfortable but i would prefer to be able to fit my own! Also although i was surprised this did go down to a medium tight MTL draw with one hole open each side and gives up to a loose MTL/RDL draw fully open trying to precisely dial in the draw you prefer between is a bit hit and miss with the design much more suited for a RDL set-up!

The build is easy though and wicking forgiving, i lined the coil up so the air from the airflow outlets hit the lower side of the coil to make sure it wrapped round underneath giving some bottom airflow and this resulted in getting excellent flavour, easily a match for the likes of the Berserker 2 which is much more expensive. The airflow isn’t exactly silky smooth but then it’s not over turbulent either giving a nice vape! The advantage of having the airflow outlets on the posts rather than directly underneath the coil means it makes it a leak resistant design and i have experienced no leaking whatsoever!

Although i didn’t get on with the dental floss micro coils I still have to put receiving 4 plus 4 strips of cotton has a pro as is receiving the Bubble glass. After saying that the bubble glass really is needed as with the straight glass the capacity is a miserly 1.2ml and still only 2ml with the bubble glass fitted.

In conclusion, far from the best MTL RTA but does give excellent flavour, is an easy build and very reasonable price!



Nice looking petite RTA
Easy to build and wick
Excellent flavour
Adjustable airflow
MTL draws (see cons)
Included Bubble Glass
Spare top cap with integrated drip-tip
4 Micro coils and 4 strips of cotton included
Leak resistant design
Quick to fill (top-fill)
Very reasonable price


Struggled to dial in precise draw
Integrated drip tip (can’t fit an alternative)
Alternative PCTG chamber section flimsy
Low capacity

I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the OUMIER WASP NANO MTL RTA for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


$10.82 Oumier Wasp Nano MTL RTA

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sourcemore or benefit in any way from the use of the above code but was asked if i would include it in my content!


Great review. I will have to look into this MTL. Thanks.