Oumier Voocean 80W Pod Mod Kit - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Voocean 80W Pod Mod Kit from Oumier. The Voocean 80W Pod Mod Kit was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Oumier.



Oumier are much more known for their quality atomizers at very affordable prices and much less for the few devices they have released. In the Voocean 80 we have a device well worth looking at for it’s reliable performance, adjustable airflow design which knocks the Voopoo drag X off it’s perch and not just that like many it can be turned into a standard single battery device with the use of a 510 adaptor but that the 510 adaptor is included with the device instead of it being a separate purchase. Powered by a single 18650 battery this Power only device has a unique ergonomic form factor and comes in 5 different colour/designs, let’s give it a look!

In The Box



1pc Voocean 80 Device
1pc Cartridge
1pc VOM 0.8 Meshed Coil
1pc VOM 0.2 Meshed Coil
1pc USB Cable
1pc Silicone Plug
1pc 510 thread adapter
1pc User Manual
1pc Warranty Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Voocean 80 comes in cardboard box packaging and on opening i was met by a unique looking device with ergonomic form factor but like anything that looks a little different it will divide opinion although personally i like it. The device has a flat panel each of the 4 sides which is shaped like a surf board then all the edges are very rounded with the device tapering to a full cylindrical shape both at the top and base. I received both the Blue which has what i can only describe as Blue reflectors that you might find on a bicycle either side and the Black version which has a honeycomb design on the side panels with swirls of vaper, the options are Black, Silver, Blue, Rainbow or Gunmetal.

On the face panel we have a protruding concave round fire button top followed by the screen, we then have a horizontal navigational rocker followed by a micro USB port at the bottom. I have described the sides so moving to the rear we have branding then at the very top a airflow slot, this is also matched on the front.

The bottom of the device is the screw in battery plate with central rails for grip, between the rails we have venting and either side safety stamps, moving up top we have a very slightly tinted protruding round pod with solid Black top and standard fit 510 drip tip. With it’s Zinc Alloy construction and battery installed it does have some weight for it’s size but is such a compact ergonomic shape that it feels great as a carry about!


Voocean 80W Pod Mod Specs and Features:

Dimension: 1182828mm
Battery: 18650 external battery (not included)
Wattage Output Range: 5-80W
Voltage Input Range: 3.3V-4.2V
Voltage Output Range: 0-4.1V
Charging Voltage: 5V/1A
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
Cartridge capacity: 4ml
Cartridge material: PCTG
Charging: Micro USB charging
Pod connection device way: Magnetic pod connection
Device material: Zinc-Alloy Housing
Unique Airflow Control (360 degree switch to enable/disable the airflow)
Two Mesh Coils for Different Experience
Standard 510 adapter
Pod & Box Mod, All-In-One
Multiple Protections for Safer Vaping
Colours: Black, Silver, Blue, Rainbow, Gunmetal


The Pod

The Voocean 80 utilises a lightly tinted PCTG cylindrical pod which mostly protrudes outside the device giving great visibility of your juice inside. The pod has a Black solid top section with nipple style 510 drip tip, the bore i would say is most suited for either a semi restrictive or restricted direct lung draw. As i mentioned it’s a 510 fitting drip tip so you can fit an alternative if you prefer.

At the base of the pod we have two protruding sections facing each other that have a magnetic strip at their base and metallic outer edging. Central we have a round opening for the coil head to get press fitted into position and to one side between the protruding sections a white silicone piece with attached plug for the fill port. The silicone piece is easy to get a grip of which allows the plug to be removed while it stays attached to the pod. The fill port is a really nice size allowing the pod to be filled quickly while also letting air escape, the standard pod holds 4ml of juice while of course the TPD pod holds 2ml.


The Coil Heads

Included are two different VOM coil heads one being the new 0.2ohm mesh coil head which is recommended between 50W and 80W and has a best at rating of 70W and the 0.8ohm mesh coil head which also came with the Voocean 40 which is rated between 10W to 15W and has a best at rating of 13W.


Also available is the 0.3ohm mesh VOM coil head which came with the Voocean 40 device but i really hope more coil heads will become available as a 1.2ohm coil head with narrow bore would give a good MTL option and a 0.6ohm coil head a good low wattage semi restrictive/RDL variation.


Fitting The Pod

We have a shallow pod bay so much of the pod will protrude outside the device. Central we have the raised Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and a magnetic ring around the inside perimeter, we can also see the open slot either side for airflow. The magnets on the bottom of the protruding base sections of the pod keeps the pod securely fitted while still allowing it to be turned which is needed for airflow adjustments.


The Airflow

I have used a couple of Pod Mods which give as good adjustability as the Voocean 80 put they have been designs with an airflow ring fitted on the base of the coil head which means the pod needs removing from the device to adjust which can be inconvenient.

We have seen adjustable airflow attempted on a few pod mods without needing to remove the pod with the benchmark being the Drag X but the design on the Voocean 80 works so much better, it works no different to dual adjustable bottom cyclops on a standard tank with the only difference being the outside slots remain stationary and it’s the pod itself that gets turned.


We have an airflow slot either side and then the metallic edged protruding section either side on the pod which are the same size as the slots. When the coil head is inserted into the pod the airflow inlets line up with the two areas between the protruding sections so when the protruding sections are lined up with the slots airflow is fully closed and when the protruding sections are turned to allow the slots to be fully open we have full airflow. What Oumier have done so well is how the pod fits so securely yet can be turned with a perfect tolerance to adjust airflow.


The 510 Adaptor

I really do like the invention of the simple but perfectly fit for purpose 510 adaptors for the various pod mods whether they have been made by the manufacturer or are third party products and it allows these pod mods to so simply be converted into a standard portable device for using your favourite atomizers.

Sometimes you need to rely on a third party manufacturer to release an adaptor and even if the manufacturer releases one it’s almost always after the device was released which means it’s a separate purchase.


I really like not only that Oumier themselves have manufactured a 510 adaptor for the Voocean 80 but that it is also included with the device. The adaptor is round and just gets fitted via a strong magnetic ring around the bottom of the base into the pod bay rather than the pod. We now have a flat top to the device with 510 plate and Gold plated, spring loaded 510 and it works great!!!

Even with 25mm atomizers i had no overhang, the only thing that does need pointing out is although the 510 on the adaptor is spring loaded it doesn’t have the longest throw so some atomizers i tried still worked fine but did have a slight gap which will really annoy some!


Fitting The Battery

The Voocean 80 accommodates an 18650 battery that gets fitted into the battery tube via the base of the device. At the base we have a screw in battery plate with central rails to grip, then turn counter clockwise to unscrew. On the underside of the plate we have the negative orientation clearly marked in White (great job) and in general i still prefer this method of fitting a single battery as you can’t damage your wrap even if sometimes it can take a few seconds to get the threading to line up correctly to fasten back in place. Once the threading has caught it screws in place very smoothly, overall a very good job!


The Display

I like the display on the Voocean 80, some of the font is quite small but the display is that sharp i still had no problem reading all of the information on show. The “V”, “R” and “P” for Volts, Resistance and Puffs are highlighted with an accented square area and then the relevant information underlined. These accents, lines and also the battery status can be altered to be displayed in different colours if you prefer but more about that in the next section.

Top left we have “OUMIER” then underneath the elongated battery status bar, to the right of the bar we also have the status displayed as a percentage. Underneath the information already described in a central position we have the wattage. Underneath the wattage we have the information within accented areas so first voltage followed by resistance and then your puff count, at the very bottom of the display is the vape duration of your last puff!


Navigating The Voocean 80

The Voocean 80 like so many of theses pod mods is power only and as long as their are a few that accommodate one man and his dog (i mean TC users) then it makes sense because so few vapers use or are even interested in TC.

The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and both powering up and down takes 3 seconds which doesn’t sound long but with most devices coming on instantly it can feel a while. It will auto read the coil installed and adjust to a recommended wattage which for the 0.8ohm coil is 13W and for the 0.2ohm 70W, the wattage adjusts in 1W increments from 5W to 80W but doesn’t round robin.

Pressing both navigational buttons together locks the rocker but the device will still fire and each 3 quick presses of the fire button takes you between wattage and bypass modes, i would much of preferred variable voltage rather than bypass. You can also reset the puff counter by pressing down and fire together while each time you press up and fire together it changes the colour of the accented information on the screen, the colours are White (default), Red, Yellow, Blue or Purple.


Protections: (Taken from manual)

Low Voltage Protection
Overtime Protection
Open Circuit Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Resistance Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over-charge Protection


Yes, here we go again “i don’t recommend charging in the device unless it’s your only option” but if you do the Voocean 80 has a 1.5A charge rate which is about par, gives charging feedback in the way of a charging progress bar and also supports pass-through. It isn’t type C though and i know some people won’t care and most won’t even use the port but i still feel in 2020 every device should now be coming with Type C as standard!

My Experience Using The Voocean 80 And Thoughts!

This is a good device with for me any issues being very minor although worth mentioning because a minor thing might be big to others while to some not a problem at all. The main thing for me is not an issue with the device but more that Oumier don’t release that many devices so i do think they need to stick with the VOM coils on any future devices and extend the coil head range to give people more coil head options and confidence the coils will both be very available and also can be obtained in the long term (maybe also bring out a tank that accommodates them)!

The airflow adjustability is as good as on any pod mod and better than on any i have used where it can be adjusted without removing the pod. Whether open by a slither, 10%, 20%. 30%, 50%, 66%, 75%, 90%, you can tell the difference in airflow from one adjustment to another, full marks!!!

I really wish a very narrow bore coil head was available, maybe a 1.2ohm because this would give a decent MTL vape with a dedicated coil head but as it is the 0.8ohm coil head gives from a semi restrictive vape down to a mid to loose MTL. I preferred this coil with about 20% of the airflow open for a loose MTL at 13W which gave a very flavoursome vape and smooth draw. The 0.2ohm coil is so different and possibly gives even better flavour but just not for my style of vaping as this much more suits an open draw at 65W for a DL vape but again a very smooth draw.

I would be quite happy if this was wattage only but really don’t understand why bypass mode has been included rather than variable voltage which would make more sense to me. This device for a pod mod ticks nearly every box with the only box left unchecked being that the pod needs removing to fill, i much more prefer a top-fill design. The fire button is nice and this fires straight out the gate hitting set wattage instantly, absolutely nothing wrong with it’s performance. I like you can fit your own 510 drip tip, how good the visibility of the juice inside the pod is, ergonomic form factor, sharp display and that it accommodates an 18650 battery!

I love the fact a 510 adaptor is included with the device so standard atomizers can be used. I tried a few and it works great but it does need pointing out the spring loaded 510 has a short throw so some atomizers do give a gap! Also the device automatically adjusts to a suitable wattage when it first detects a new coil which is 13W for the 0.8ohm coil head and 70W for the 0.2ohm coil head but it also acts as a smart wattage feature when using other atomizers. If you do charge in the device it has a 1.5A charge rate while also supporting pass-through but unfortunately isn’t Type C!



Good build quality
Ergonomic form factor
Clear visibility of e-liquid inside the pod
Pod fits very well
Experienced no leaking just slight condensation after use
Fills quick and mess free
Can fit your own 510 drip tips
Display bright and very sharp
Excellent adjustable airflow design
Very good flavour from both coils
Very smooth draw across the board
Fires without any delay whatsoever and hits set wattage instantly (very impressive performance)
Accommodates 18650 battery
Smart wattage
Puff counter (can be reset)
510 adaptor included so you can fit standard atomizers up to 25mm without overhang
Display colour customisable
1.5A charge rate


Need to remove pod to fill
More coil options would be preferable (especially a dedicated MTL coil head)
Can’t vouch for long term coil availability (hopefully that will change)
Supplied 510 adaptor has short throw so some atomizers gap slightly
Quite slow booting up and down
Not Type C USB

I would once again like to thank Oumier for supplying the Voocean 80W Pod Mod Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Very detailed review @Timwis thanks


Great review @Timwis. Thank you.


Great review brother and I like the pod mod too.