One Ogre, One Core, Two coils



Great review once again, thank you.


And thank you! Appreciate you taking the time. Got bogged down a little in the build. Could have been a bit shorter.


Wow, back to back Ogrevisions. :grin::+1:

Looks pretty nice. Might have to have one.


Thanks! I was pretty late on these. Wanted to get cleared out for Christmas.


I must say I was a bit nervous watching the video last time I watched a video with one something and two other things it was not how my friend described it “a love story”.

Great review mate thanks


Oh yikes, Didn’t think of it that way. Vape porn episode 20031.


Nice video! I really like the look and idea behind most vapefly products I’ve seen, wish I woulda bought the galaxies mtl rda instead of the berserker I ended up getting…did you try out the plug for single coil use? I’ve always wondered if they work.


Thanks! Vapefly kinda came out of nowhere with some real nice stuff. I didn’t try the plug. Never had any good luck with those. Always got an anemic vape and that’s about it.


The Ogrevision strikes again!

Great review bro!

Guess I gotta do another repost :slight_smile:


Thank you sir!!! Yes please! With one of your fabulous introductions!


Not sure if they are fabulous but I try to make them fun :slight_smile:

I will post it in a few :slight_smile:


Great review @SmilingOgre!

Pretty much answered all the questions I had on this RTA, thank you for that.

The only question I have is how tough is it to build on camera and are you looking through the camera while building or is at your chin or something?

I am a simple man, I get such a kick when you magically appear in your seat, I cheer every time like you just scored a touchdown :laughing: I even threw in a fist pump this time!


Rofl… my signature entry, lol.

I put tape just out of the cameras view and keep the atty inside the tape as much as I can. I can’t build watching a monitor. I can barely build looking right at it lol.