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Testing Ongoing …

Raspberry (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – Sooo many bad raspberries out there, most artificial or chemically offset. This one is NOT one of them. Just as good as the RF SC Raspberry, although a slight bit less intense. Nothing off putting notes, or chemical/artificial tastes, but a slightly subdued natural raspberry. Not overly sweet, with a hint of tart. Sometimes it’s easier to say what it’s not, than what it is. Not at pungent as INW Raspberry, and not jam like it that helps. I didn’t get the bit of seeds that I did with the RF SC version, but very good none the less. Might need a boost if you want to add a little punch or extra tartness. 9/10.

Vanilla (ODF) 9% (4-21-18) – Now THIS one was starting to taste more like a full on experience @ 9%. With some of the earlier flavors seemingly lacking some punch and fullness, this one was actually much better. Nice even, rounded Vanilla without leaning towards any particular one. Sweetness and creaminess were on deck, and I got a hint of the “malty” note that I also got from the Chocolate and a few others, but it was low in the background. Wasn’t a mind blowing as Holy Vanilla, or complex as INW Shisha Vanilla, but good none the less. 7/10.

Custard (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – As a custard fiend it’s hard to impress me, and realizing ODF flavors are dik free, custards have to be tricky. This is not a VC, and hence just the Custard name. Overall, it’s a very even mix with some custard elements. Nicely sweet, and fairly full at 9%. Def. NOT getting an eggy-ness which is good for my tastes. It does seem to share some of the malty notes that I got from the chocolate. It’s not an overt Malt flavor, but if you vape the ODF Choco and this, you’ll get it. Just an undertone, but it’s there. Not sure as a stand alone, but could def. see it as a base mixer. 7/10.

Watermelon (ODF) 9% (4-20-18) – This one smelled GREAT in the bottle after 2 weeks. It had much more of a kick than the Orange did @ 9%. Somewhat sweet, with some deep WM aspects. It did lean towards candied but not in an off putting way. Like some of the other ODF flavors it felt kind of thin, even @ 9%, and left me wanting more. Tasted like some of the red, with more of the white part of the mellon with some of the rind. Would have loved much more of the RED part. Even, tasty, didn’t taste artificial. @ 9% would simply place it at a 6/10.

Pineapple (ODF) 9% (4-21-18) – I don’t have many pineapples to compare this to, but this smelled great out of the bottle. Vaping it proved it to be a weaker, but good pineapple. Got some good sweet pineapple on the inhale, but kind of petered out on the exhale. The room note was very nice, just wish it was as present on the exhale. Chain vaping improved it a little bit. Nothing off putting, nothing artificial, but just needed more presence. 7.5/10.

Blue Raspberry (ODF) 9% (4-21-18) – Trying to decide if this accurately depicts that blue sweet flavor on snow cones or not. It’s in the ball park, but doesn’t 100% capture it. Not getting a lot of blue, and the raspberry was kind of so so. As a few of the others did, felt a tad thin @ 9%. Nothing great, nothing terrible, kind of middle of the road sweetened, darkened fruit flavor. 5/10.

Chocolate (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – Having tested many of the other RF SC Choclates assumed this would be similar and it was. Not a great stand out chocolate despite elements of it being present. Had almost a malted nature to it, but not overpoweringly so. To me, it wants to be added to a peanut butter to complete it. Def. NOT a dedicated/specific chocolate like TPA DCC, or MF DC, and INW MC. Just more of a malted chocolate mixture. RF SC does some great things with this, but mixed. As a SF Chocolate however, would place it at a 4/10.

Grape (ODF) 9% (4-20-18) – Much like the RF SC Grape this is a really good grape. Nicely sweet, slight tartness, and although it favored a Concord for me, it did seem like a grape blend. Although sweet-ish, not a jammy flavor. Nothing off putting, nothing artificial, just a good grape. It did appear to have slightly less richness as compared to the RF SC version. Easy 9/10.
Blue Raspberry

Strawberry (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – Very similar to the RF SC SB, but this one seemed to miss some of the pizazz or kick that the SC version had, even at 9% this one seemed like it needed a bit more. Good SB, not great, but good. Sweetness and tartness were there, along with a good SB flavor. Wished it had more punch like the SC version. 6.5/10.


Caramel (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – With FA Caramel being my go to, ANY caramel has a hard road to walk. This one was NOT up to the level of FA’s, and this one was perplexing. One minute it was a caramel, the next not. The room note said caramel, but on the inhale it didn’t always. What was it ? It was caramel-ish, with some of the caramelized sugar, but didn’t get much of the buttery-ness. This is probably due to the lack of diks. @ 9% I would have hoped for far more caramel. Would work as a general mixer, but not sure it brings caramel to the party, or at least not loud enough. 3.5/10.

Orange (ODF) 9% (4-20-18) – Having not vaped many Orange flavors, was excited to see what this held in store. After 2 weeks steep not much smell from the bottle which was surprising. Vaping yielded a somewhat sweet, citrus on the inhale, but only a wisp of orange on the exhale. It was almost non existent which is surprising at 9%. Sometimes it tasted almost like the oil from an orange peel when peeling an orange, but not always. Nothing off putting, but not much to carry this over the finish line. Wish it was 3 times stronger. Very light flavor, and I hate to push the rating down, but it really needs much more body. 3/10.

Cotton Candy (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – After 2 weeks steep, this one proved to be a rather nondescript sweet-ish flavor. No standout hints of any profile, and to me, did not have the typical EM flavor. Not much of a surprise as no one vapes Cotton Candy as a SF, but is used as an additive/sweetener. With that said, it was not overly sweet, but could be used as an enhancer. 6/10.