OgreVision Quick Review Yihi Mini ML Class

Just felt the urge to write a quickie on this mod. It’s been around for awhile but with a little searching can still be sourced. Originally a $199 I have found two for ~ $50.

SX350J chip. Probably not as accurate as the G class but a very accurate chip.

VW, and TC spot on although the only SS preset is 304. It also has a TCR option.

All of the necessary parameters for TC, Joules applied, Temperature either F or C, Coil or TCR, Ambient temp offset.

Very accurate resistance readings.

Fair battery life. Not the worst or best.

Solid mod, built like a tank.

Painted finish will scratch over time but not peal.

Has an auto-rotate screen.

Multiple memory settings and multiple preheat settings to include custom curves via software.

Slightly clunky but intuitive menu system.

Excellent rounded and chambered frame for a great fit in the hand.

Beveled 23mm 510 platter looks fine up to 24mm.

Have a coin ready to unscrew the battery cap.

18650 Single Battery.


Perfect timing. Mine is “out for delivery” today. :grinning: I can’t wait to check it out.


Alright!!! My thoughts… One classy classic!!


Very nice. Great feel, function, and a looker:


Absolutely thrilled that you like it!!! I love not worrying about babying it as well.


Yeah its built like a tank. If you could have been a fly on the wall when I was learning to navigate it you would have died laughing. I didn’t know about changing settings by tilting it and had a hell of time until I turned that off. :rofl: TC works really good…that is…once you figure it out.

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Lol, that is a weird “feature”. I’ve managed to engage it a couple of times and it is a pain.

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