OgreVision Quick Review Kylin Mini

Just snagged two and popped them on a pair of ML class.

Single coil 6.5 wrap 26x36 SS clapton on a 3.5mm rod.
Cut the leads to 5mm drop the coil in and tighten. Use a rod to straighten and lift a touch. Grub screws are placed to twist “flat” leads so not the best deck for showing off exotic builds.
Got 0.62Ω on the build.

Wicking is straight forward. Comb a tad and cut so the cotton does not touch the bottom of the juice wells.

Plenty of smooth airflow, I like 1/2 closed.

With bubble tank great capacity.

Excellent flavor, excellent fog using a meager 40 watts.

No leak or seep.

Very nice machining all around. Everything fits tight including the 810 drip tip.

Another very nice single coil RTA.


A spot on review if there ever was one. I use one less wrap but use a 26/32 instead of 26/36. Good battery life, really good flavor and more than enough cloud. I also use them about half closed.

For a long time I used original steam craves with 3 mm vertical builds. Everything I mixed went into one which helped me with mix %'s because 99% of the time that’s what I used. The Kylin Mini has replaced them as my standard go to. While I really like the Kylin mesh tanks my mixes aren’t working well with them, the builds eat batteries, and tanks simply don’t hold enough juice. They are very good though and great with some mixes.

The mini’s remain my favorites.


I’m truly glad you chatted about them. Per your comments, I went for them. These very well could become my main stays as well.