Ogre's Triade The good, The bad, and the ugly


Really interesting segment visually demonstrating Replay and in particular the shown resistance curve. I’ll save my speculations until I have time to think that observation through. Bottom line however they are regulating things is that there is nothing else as consistent. I have been wondering if my 75c has enough power to function at its peak. I’m about always under 50 watts with my builds but wonder if maybe the board might be calling for say a 100 w momentary blast on a cold atty?

That really sucks about the fire button and even more so by their failure to respond. Time for evolve to release their own mods but apparently they have to market through China because of goobermint bullshit. Oh well. Thanks, great review as always.


Great presentation :+1:

What he says

I had that fire button problem with the Asvape Michael. It started working fine after a bit of use. Hopefully this one does but it’s not good business practice not to respond to customers with problems.


Thank you my friend. Will be great to hear your thoughts after you mall it over for a bit. I’ve got a couple of 75C’s as well and I share your question. Just with that example, I used 45 watts to get my saved vape and the mod hit close to 90 watts on the one cold atty vape.


Thank you over here too Jose! I really thought Lost Vape would act better.


It’s a real shame because they are known for their excellent products and service. It’ll hurt their business in the long run.


Absolutely! I truly hope they can get the service after sale part together. They are a real asset to the community. Their pricing is very fair imho especially when compared to a comparable mod like a Yihi. We have a slew of companies muddling around in the “cheep vape” market segment and few that compete with Lost Vape. IMHO they could own the market segment they are in.


Great review @SmilingOgre I appreciate the your honest comments, and hope Lost Vape step up to the plate.
I have always admired their quality products, and think it would be sad if they failed in the service area.


Amen my friend! Thank you for chiming in. I surly didn’t expect this.


Thanks for your awesome review. And thanks for the early heads up on the fire button. It played into my decision not to buy the PSO version. Just watching you put that battery door on made me cringe. That would drive me crazy. Seems liked rushed lazy engineering.


Thank you my friend! I don’t know exactly where to go with the battery door. As you noted, it is a pita to get on and off. On the Triade 250, a lot of folks whined about the movement on the door, although slight. I can say it don’t wiggle no more but then fat or double wrapped batteries will stop it from seating properly. Did they fix anything? I guess that’s perspective. I, like you, prefer the older ones.


Always like the free education I get with every OgreVision episode.


Scary thought. Ogre as a teacher. Do I have any volunteers for breakfast?


You the man Walt…sorry, I meant Ogre :grin:

Nicely done as always my friend :+1:


And thank you! Over here too!


Digging the replay👌 Great job Ogre! I’m always learning something new while watching your reviews. I appreciate your work man! Thank you…


Appreciate you taking peek @Eddie! It’s probably obvious but I really taken by the replay. I think it’s genius for Evolve to take what the board would do and craft this.


Update on the fire button for those possibly interested in the mod. It stuck again and I took it apart again. I dug a little deeper this time and removed a silicone seal between the switch and the fire button. It was just mounted on four pegs and not glued.

Discovery: The seal has orientation and was installed backwards during assembly. Works great once assembled correctly. The fix is easy. Remove two screws and reverse the seal. Obviously, I don’t know that everybody would be interested in doing this. I’m going to guess that not all of the devices will be shipped with a reversed seal. Who knows, maybe I got one assembled by an under trained sub.

Anyway, that’s the rest of the story.

It is a wonderful vaping unit. With a full 300 watts there is plenty of overhead for the mod to recreate most any saved vape on a cold atty using replay.


Nice find and fix my man! :thumbsup:


Right on! Good to hear. Well done sir and thanks for the update…