Ogre's quick commentary on the Ijoy Saber

Ya, not really a review. No pictures. The voices came back the other day whispering “you need this”, “it looks cool”, and I made a impulse purchase. I know better.

In concept it’s pretty cool in my books. A tube mod that holds a 21700 battery and is all shiny and stuff. One mode, VW. Click up and down and the wattage changes. Five clicks on, five clicks off. Three clicks and you can reset the puff counter. Pretty simple.

The tank is nice and comes with a mesh coil. Good flavor for a sub ohm. Here’s the rub for me. It’s under .2 Ohms. Ya, 80 watts to get it producing and five puffs later you change the battery. Ok, well, not the best all around.

Then comes the WTF “feature”. I say that with all the kindness I can muster. When you get to the bottom of three bars of battery life left it starts delaying. Like seriously delaying. Like, I’m not getting any vape delaying. Press the fire button a couple of times and it kinda “wakes up again”? Put the battery in a charger and the charger starts off at two bars.

Come on Ijoy, use the damn thing for a day before you release it. Good grief.


You covered all the bases :+1:


You’re the best. I appreciated that. It’s more of a heads up than anything else. Could not see doing a full review on it.


Thanks for the heads up on this one!


You are most welcome my friend!


This one sounds like a pile of doo doo.

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It’s not their best mod for sure. Damn shame. A VW, regulated tube mod is a nice concept.


Quick update just because I’m waking up and doing nothing else.

I found what I’ll call a fun fact. It’s not really a work around. When the battery gets down to three bars the screen will start turning off faster. If I press the fire button just to wake the mod up, it will show Saber+version and shortly after show the working screen. This takes a couple of seconds. I can now vape normally. I guess it’s more palatable that hitting the fire button and sucking on the thing, getting nothing.

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