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Even though I recently bought one of these, this review /tutorial would have made my decision so much easier as far as what to buy. This is a really good one Ogre and I’m certain will be very helpful to a lot of people -thanks.


Appreciate the accolades. Unfortunately, I hadn’t completed the testing of the charger when you put up the post regarding chargers. I think it will be a good performer. @SessionDrummer commented on ELR saying his has run nearly a year with zero problems. That’s real good to hear as well.


Thanks man, I just got mine delivered on Saturday so your review is just on time :+1:


Too cool! Love it when things fall into place!


Great review! :+1:


Thank you sir! It’s easy when you like the product.


Really good info here Ogredude. This will probably be my next charger and I will likely have to pick up some 40Ts on the same order.


You will love the 40T’s!!! I’ve been using two SL class’s now for about a week and get a good day and a half / two days out of them with 40T’s. Oh ya, and I dig the charger too, lol. Nice having some idea what condition my batteries are in.


At what settings do you use them? I’m considering getting one myself but single battery mods (except my squonkers) don’t last me more than a few hours usually


I’ve got a 6 wrap SS 26/36 that gives me about .48Ω in an Intake. The mod is set to 425°F with 50 Joules available.


Just to make sure I’m being clear in regard to expectations. I carry the two mods and use them both throughout the two days. Using only one mod I would expect about a day. Still MUCH longer than what I get from say an LGHG2 18650. Like yourself, I would expect 3/4 hours.


Oh absolutely.

When I go out with my g-class with dual HG2’s I get a full work day out of a pair of batteries with 0.15ohm dual coil build, 80 joule at 470F. Around 6pm I have to change the batteries (this is actually great for me).

So I guess I can get very similar performance out of the SL with a slightly higher build


I think that is a reasonable assumption. The 40T’s have a real good capacity.


Local vendor started selling them (huge issue importing batteries to Israel with sane shipping prices). They are a bit overpriced but I don’t have much choice :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that for sure. If they aren’t too crazy expensive they are obviously a good choice.


They are around $20 a piece but here we are used to those prices.

The only vendor who will ship them to Israel has to use DHL, and DHL charge a premium. Around $50 for a pair of batteries since they have to use special packaging …


Great review you magnificent @SmilingOgre

Missed this one earlier, opened the accessories review area on Sunday to post my review but just got around to it today…I know, I know lazy me :grin:

Had I known I would not have said hey, why don’t you review chargers :crazy_face:

You do a much better job than I with all that brain power, dig all the knowledge you share :+1:


You’re makin me crazy with the accolades. You’re reviews are every bit as thorough as mine you brainy human you! I am however glad you dug the review. Together, today a charger, tomorrow the world! *** evil laughing ***


If I want to charge all my batteries at 0.5, will I have to reset the charge rate each time I insert a new battery? Is 0.5 the default for all slots? Or if you set all the slots at 0.5 will it remain at that rate as long as you don’t unplug the charger?