Ogre's lil Pixie



As always a great review. How is this thing heat wise? (I may have missed it) The little ones seem to get too hot for me.


I haven’t noticed any great amount of heating. Being such a small vapor chamber, I don’t have to smack the thing with a ton of power. With a half ohm build, I can hit it with about 45 watts available in either TC or Replay and get a very fine vape. I like somewhere between 400°F and 425°F with a long draw. I get good flavor development and decent flavor separation.


Nice one bro, I’m still enjoying mine. I’ll have to say something about the cotton though. I’ve been holding my tongue on this subject for many years now but since it’s the last day of the year, I’m thinking what the heck.

I know cotton is cheap but why don’t people pull the cotton all the way through?
Just leave enough at one end to tuck it in and you only have to cut it at one end.
With the shoestring cotton you will have the shoestring and most of the cotton left and could use it to rewick another two or sometimes even three times.

It might be my stingy Dutch nature playing up but think of the poor cotton pickers and don’t tell me it’s all machines now :laughing:

I’ve never experienced any heat problems with this either.


I love the Pixie. My usual setup in it is 0.35-ish coil at 40W. No heat issues and great flavor.

Great review @SmilingOgre :slight_smile:


You’re not the only one who’s been wondering about that! :wink: Like you though, I’ve just been quiet.


Thank you Jose!!! Wow, I feel like I’m just coming out of a “daaa” moment. Ya, pull it through a little more. Great suggestion! I’m all about that. I don’t like wasting things.


Thank you brother @adary!


Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to miss, lol.


I bought a bunch of vapefly cotton at a discount, and I regularly use one strand to wick two or three coils (depending on the length of the sides I have to leave)

Call me cheap but it works :slight_smile:


You’re telling me? :rofl:
C’mon. You’ve seen some of my “greatest hits” (more like greatest misses)… :crazy_face:


Lol, Something we have in common for sure.


I never used agleted cotton, but rather the muji squares. As the length of the pad goes, there isn’t really enough to do more than one coils’ worth, at least in the Iron Maiden. SO I do what poor, beaten Ogre does and just run it in the middle and trim both ends.

I would probably be smarter than Ogre if it was agleted though, no offense oggie. I suppose your mind is often occupied with who is for dinner rather than cotton saving techniques. :sunglasses:


Can Ogres and Pixies coexist? The answer seems to be “yes”. Great review man. @Phil_Fish, have you tried the Puff brand cotton large pads? They easily will give you two coils worth of cotton because of the longer length.


That must be it.


Only if the Pixie produces great flavor without being eaten. Thanks!!


1…ahaha, 2 grub screw…ahahaha :joy::rofl:

Thank you Count von Count, I actually went back and heard that again, cracked me up both times :laughing:

Might look into this Pixie, love flavor banging single coil rda.

Thanks for the great review and laughs…ahahaha


It vas my pleasure ah ah ah!!!