Ogre do Smoant NaBoo Review


Thanks @SmilingOgre very thorough review.
After you did the review on the Charon Mini I bought one, and am loving it, so I will have to pass on this one or I may be in trouble :roll_eyes:

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I’m with you. I see that as a solid assessment. It pretty much says what it will do and does it. Ok, the 225 Watts is a stretch but how do you get 225 watts out of 8 volts without really pushing the current limit of the batteries. Doesn’t matter who makes the mod. I’d much rather be a little under the 225 and not have my batteries wanting to go awol. I’ve been using the mini and the naboo side by side and I have to agree with you that I like the naboo a bit better. It’s edges are more rounded too and just a bit more comfortable in the hand. I do appreciate that screen for these old eyes.


I’m really glad you like the mini! Honestly, I’m not trying to be in the business of selling mods. Having said that, I think as @anon96069639 states, Smoant is in the front of the pack and all my Smoants have functioned real well. Well, there is the Campbel. I think it functions well for what it is. I haven’t figured out exactly how to enjoy it yet, lol. The difference between the two is definitely not worth getting in trouble for. I buy that in a heartbeat.


:rofl: No, they still haven’t figured that one out. If you press the fire button and watch the timer it does work but immediately returns to zero as soon as the fire button is released. So I guess we are to stand in front of a mirror to use it? Maybe I’ll write them and ask them to include a dentist mirror in the kit for that and the voltage applied. I’m surprised they haven’t picked up on that yet.


Haha no way did I mean to imply that you were trying to sell the mods, only that your reviews are so damn good I am severely tempted each time.
I am strong, I am strong …:wink:

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I appreciate that but I think I’m supposed to point out the negative aspects too, lol. I’ve been pretty fortunate. I’ve only been sent a couple of funky pieces. Most of what I’ve received have been pretty nice products. Sometimes I wonder if that is not all by accident. These reps must watch a couple of reviews before they make contact. I mean, the Oscope really can’t lie. When I do get a flaky unit it’s real apparent. Very much in my face apparent. Now I just need a thermometer that graphs and reacts as fast as the Oscope along with a really good crystal ball to know if the thing will have any paint in six months.