Ogre discovers the Teslacigs XT


Roughly 9m in, you mention that if you go into power mode, and then go into ‘user’ (referencing the power curve function)… You said that “the max power that you can get, on each one of the lines, is the power that you have set on the mod itself.”

So if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying that: if you have your power set to 40w, you can’t go above that at any point in the curve.

For instance, if someone wanted to start off with a cool or medium warm vape, and then raise to a hotter point in the middle, or hotter at the end… They need to find/know whatever their highest point needed is in advance, and then set the curve based around that.

They took a rather unique approach if I’m following you. On one hand, it makes sense (making sure it never gets hotter than someone wants), but on the other it seems like an arbitrary inconvenience (since they could just set the max desired while they’re in the curve settings anyways. Derp. lol). :crazy_face:

Digging the review! Thanks for the time and efforts bud! :thumbsup:


You got it right. Prior to invoking ‘user’ if you set your mod to 85W that is the max you will have to work with once inside of user mode. I also agree that it is odd. I don’t get the necessity or the benefit of doing it that way. Kinda threw me the first time I tried it. It happened to be set at 20W and I’m thinking what the hell? Is this feature for mtl users only?


Very nice as always. Came in from the shop for some unexpected 2 AM OgreVision and a slice of ice cold black watermelon. Ahhhhhhhh.:grin:


What better than a snack and show. I was beginning to think you just never slept. Seems like I can get a hold of you at any time of day. Thanks for the watch!


Thanks for the review and damn, I’m in love again. Just when I think that I have enough this comes along.

I have the Teslacigs Nano and the Punk Mini for the same reason, they just look so damn good.
There’s another one for the wishlist.

Apart from the looks they also perform pretty nicely and feel real solid.


Thank you Jose for taking the time to watch and comment! Sorry to make your heart go twtter pat and spend your money, but it is a damn nice mod.


Tesla nailed the design on this one. Gorgeous looking piece. I’m really digging it. Great review!! Well done man!!


Thank you sir! Those are my thoughts. I can see a Alien from an ancient civilization dropping by earth for a vape break with that in it’s hand.


Definitely been a Tesla fan from day one. But as this one shows, they do some wonky stuff with their firmware. In the Punk 220’s case, it doesn’t have a ‘power’ mode, just a Kanthal wire setting. And it weakens the draw as the cell charge weakens rather than keeping it pushed at the set power level until it can’t anymore. So I notice the draw getting cooler as the cells fade, which I find annoying. But love the name and love the looks of their stuff.

Good review as always!!


Thanks! Didn’t notice any fade on this one. Had the batteries pretty low a few times. Weird.


I think this one warrants a pic…


Great review as always ogre!

I saw pics before of this mod but never really clicked until your vid, now I want one :+1:


Thank you brother! And that’s how it works, isn’t it? Something will trigger an “ oh wow” moment and the next thing you know, you’re spending money, lol.


Most definitely…lol. My shopping list was short yesterday but with this review and the Xrda review it has just grown by 2 thanks to your excellent reviews.


I don’t have a lot of ‘oh wow’ moments anymore, mostly because they have cost me great amounts of money and deep depression. Er, I mean, I’m happily married, honest.

I wonder why you didn’t see that draw fade, maybe they use different firmware.


My pleasure! Love spending your money!


No idea. I used the last battery set down to 3%.