O-Ring Blues

HellVape Drop Dead. Pissed me off today. I dont typically clean attys with my USC, but today I did. the atty sit for the past 3 weeks or so, while I attended to a few other attys, and I wanted to rewick and use it today. trying to re-assemble, the o-rings now seem a bit too fat for their seats when trying to put the 3 pieces of this atty back together. Since I dont see it’s box or accessories bag, Im assuming it was gifted me by my ex. Guess Illl be paying her an unscheduled visit. :man_facepalming:
Yo- Dont this place get busier over the weekend? or do they shut down things in the UK Friday nights? lol actually-Im the idiot here- y’all have lives and things going on. its me sitting on the internet. smh
Totally sad now

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