Nude Nicotine Flavors Tasting Notes / Single Flavor Tests -- SessionDrummer

1 month+ steep @ 4.5% on dual kanthal claptons @ .35 ohms, in Steam Crave RDTA v.1.

(4-22-17) – Blueberry Mojito. Having never used Nude Nicotine’s flavors, wanted to be sure to let them steep for at least a month (banana cream, honey tobacco, shirley temple, myan mocha coming soon…) before testing.

Just by smelling it, it smells good, and very close. Tasting it just makes it better. I’m detecting a similar element to their Shirley Temple flavor, but in this flavor mix it’s very good. Light Blueberry, mint, some sweetness, and a heavier lime with a hint of rum. I never use Koolada or menthol, and because of that I’m detecting some. I get why people think it’s needed for ice creams, cool drinks, but that’s the only turn off here for me. Please remember, I never use cooling additives, so your mileage will vary.

After a 1 month + steep, mixed @ 4.5% it’s plenty strong, and I assume little to no fading. Somewhat different inhale than exhale, but hard to nail down exactly how they are different, except cooling effect on exhale.

As far as the mixed drink Blueberry Mojito goes, this one’s got a 9/10 from me. Stronger on the lime and mint, and lighter on the blueberry. Only taking back 1 for the cooling, but that’s a personal thing.