Not getting flavour when vaping

Hi! I have a Geek vape m100 and horizontech falcon 2 with bubble glass, and using m1+ or m2 coils; I’ve been on disposables for last year or so, with no problems with flavour, but returned to my mod. Since returning, I can smell from the bottle whatever flavour it is, can taste it when you get a bit on your finger! But when vaping on this set up, cannot taste the flavour at all! Is it the set up do you think? Should I get another tank/coils?
I read this tank is great for flavour, but just not getting it! Not fussed on sub ohm clouds, just want the flavour I’m vaping, and recommendations?


Welcome and disposable s are really sweet you just need to train your palette a bit both those tanks are good if you got new coils in them you should get the flavour you desire just don’t vape vape the disposables and you should be good


It sounds like you’re facing quite the flavor dilemma with your setup. Transitioning from disposables to a mod can indeed present some challenges, especially when it comes to flavor perception.

The Geekvape M100 and Horizontech Falcon 2 are both reputable devices known for delivering great flavor, so it’s surprising that you’re not getting the same experience as with disposables. There could be a few factors at play here.

Firstly, disposables often contain high levels of sweeteners and flavorings, which can create a very intense flavor experience. This can sometimes dull your taste buds over time, making it harder to appreciate more subtle flavors from your mod setup.

Secondly, the coils you’re using might not be optimized for the type of e-liquid you’re using. Different coils have different characteristics and can perform differently with various e-liquids. Experimenting with different coil types or even trying out a different tank altogether could potentially improve your flavor experience.

Lastly, it’s worth considering your vaping technique. Sometimes, adjusting your wattage or airflow settings can make a big difference in flavor production. It might be worth playing around with these settings to see if you notice any improvements.

Ultimately, finding the perfect setup for your flavor preferences can take some trial and error. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the community for recommendations or advice on tanks, coils, or e-liquids that might better suit your needs.

Keep experimenting, and hopefully, you’ll find that sweet spot soon!

Best of luck!


Good Morning @Col,

I have both a Falcon and a Falcon King, and I also use the M1+ coils in both devices and at 58 W with the airflow necked down to 1/3 open, I get stupendous flavor - the best I’ve ever had actually. I agree with the suggestions above and please let me mention - in the past I purchased e-liquid that seemed dull right from the bottle. It might have been on the shelf quite a while, and that is what inspired me to start mixing my own juice. Best of luck @Col and welcome to the Community.


Welcome to VC, @Col :wave:

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I didn’t even think of old juice. I have not bought a bottle of juice in so long. DIY is the only way to go. You just can not beat a fresh juice.


The Beast Pod 16k the best flavors

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