Nitecore NFF01 eLiquid Mixer

Just found this earlier while browsing vape stuff, has anyone tried it? Is it any good?


While I don’t have one I do remember when they came out and the reviews were not great.

If you are after a Mag stirrer look for the SH rating the higher the sh number the better. When it comes to how much liquid it will mix they always quote the amount of water that it can stir. If it is a non-heated version you will be able to stir about 1/10 (ish) of the quoted amount (cold) of 80/20 e-liquid


That’s disappointing, maybe I’ll pass on it for now and carry on looking for a heated mag stirrer. I have been looking at heated stirrers but didn’t know about the sh number, thanks.
I wouldn’t even buy a non heated one as I do my mixes at max vg so they are pretty thick when cold.