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All testing done after 2 weeks steep, 70v/30p/ 3mg on a SteamCrave v.1 RDTA with dual 7 wrap, Kanthal coils. Fresh cotton, burned coils before all flavors. Tested at % listed below.


Banana Milkshake (River Supply) 3% (2-15-20) – Having vape RSC’s Vanilla Milkshake recently, should be able to contrast this one. This milkshake was thicker, and richer than the Vanilla MS, and had more banana undertones smelling it, than vaping it. Checked/re-checked and this is what I got. Off the bottle, some banana could be picked out, but vaping it, it gets lost. Sweetness was low to mid, and it conveyed a fairly thick, and rich MS, but lacking banana. Banana-ish, but not a firm banana. Would be easy to push it into full Banana mode, but as is, stands more like a rich milkshake (richer/thicker than their vanilla MS). At 3% it was nicely full, not overpowered, but noticeably richer than the VMS. As a straight milkshake I’d go very high, maybe 9.5/10, but strictly as a Banana MS, would have to drop it, but only for the NSM (Not So Much) Banana to 6.5/10. Don’t let the low rating fool you, great MS, just needs some nana help.

Boysenberry Pie (River Supply) 3% (2-9-20) – I would like to dedicate this review to @MysticRose, who’s outstanding review style, and delicate note taking compelled me into doing testing myself. So for that Rose, I thank you. We are all fighting for 2nd place behind you. :slight_smile: OK, onto the BEEF. When I vaped this one, I nearly fell over !!! OK, you’re wondering, "Wait, which way will he go "? Well, hehe, WOW, it’s a GOOD thing. On literally the FIRST vape, the deep complexity of the Boysenberry immediately overwhelmed me, like I was in a giant Boysenberry sleeping bag. YES, if you can imagine. It’s a very delicious, complex, mid to dark berry blend, and frankly, the more I vape it, the more an accurate description of it eludes me. Wow, let’s vape on this again … Man this is a good Boysen. It presents as a mid to mid higher level sweetened mid-dark berry complex-iture. Yes, I made that word up. Mid to dark berries, with a damn near jammy punch, but only just a bit. With the mid, the dark, and the bright punch it covers the spectrum here. The pie (crust I am assuming) is in there, but fairly laid back, and that is A-O-K with me. This berry blend (boysen they call it) is now a top shelf force to be reckoned with in my book. Wow, because every vape, leads to yet another flavorful explosion of Boysenberry. Talk about an immersive experience, this one is it, AND at the low low low rate of 3%. You wont need to go any higher with this one, and despite being a full in your face boysen, it’s not cloying, or artificially heavy in any way. You could boost the crust maybe a smidge, but would you really WANT to ?? 10/10 even with the underpowered pie crust.

Bread Pudding (River Supply) 3% (3-1-20) – Having just tested RSC’s Sugar Crunch, this one was very similar, but less pronounced. @ 3% it was very full, and tasty. It did not present as deliciously thick as the Sugar Crunch, but still fared very well. With all the usual suspects present, bread, egg, cream, sugar, with a little spice, which might have been raisins, but unsure. No butter or syrup so this is not a french toaster. I cannot NOT continue to compare this to the Sugar Crunch as they are so similar. A little bit lighter, and with a slight spice, which I kept thinking might be raisins, but it’s just outside of being recognized. As a BP this one is quite good, and would only require minor boosting to really make it shine. Nothing off-putting, and was really good at this percentage. Because it didn’t have the one-two punch that the Sugar Crunch had, will take it down a notch or so, but even at that, a great one to get and play with. Leaving this at 7.2/10.

Breakfast Pastry (River Supply) 3% (2-15-20) – Getting near the end of batch 1 on these, and Breakfast Pastry is on deck. This one immediately hit me with a nice, even, smooth creamy bakery of sorts, but I couldn’t really identify it. Actually pretty good and strong (full) at 3%, but continued vaping just left it fairly blurry. Trying to think back on other BP’s that I’ve tried, and most had more focus. This, although good, and not overly sweet, just came across as a sweet, creamy, bakery-ish vape. Despite repeated vapes, I couldn’t clarify it much more than that. Now does blurry nec. mean bad ?? Not always, and it’s not a bad vape, just a good UNCLEAR vape if that makes sense. For it’s overall good tastes, we’ll leave it at 6.5/10.

Coconut (River Supply) 3% (3-1-20) – Running near the end of this 2nd batch on RSC’s flavors had me taking this one on. In a nutshell it was a very nice Coconut, BUT, with an almost astringent like finish note. I don’t think this note was caused by overflavoring, but part of the actual compounds themselves. Not sure if it was enough to ruin this one, but it was def. present, at least at 3%. Semi creamy, with mid to low sweetness and a 50/50 mix between artificial / natural on this one. I’d be curious to hear what others think of the astringent off note I was getting on this one. Did not have any heavy, or greasy notes as a few coconuts have. As I had seen mentioned elsewhere, probably NOT the main coconut note you’ll want, but could def. use it to add to one. Judiciously placing this one @ 6/10.

Cola Freeze (River Supply) 3% (2-15-20) – Admittedly I’m NOT a fan of cooling, koolada, WS-23, etc. so I was apprehensive to test something with “freeze” in the name. Good news for me, if there’s cooking here, it’s mild enough and didn’t affect my sensitive sensibilities !! This flavor IS a very good cola, AND, for some reason (maybe it’s just me) I often got an almost carbonated fizz on the inhale. It abated before the exhale, but quite an interesting effect. The Cola is, well, the main star (go figure), and is very convincingly accurate. Not a Coke, or Pepsi per se, but more of a malt shop cola, which leaned towards an artisan cola rather a mass produced one. Sweetness varied between a mid and mid high level, and never came across as too sweet, which again, was a surprise, and showed they worked on this one a bit. At 3% it was right in the middle of the intensity scale, which would give some flexibility in going lower or higher. All in all, this is a great, convincing Cola, that doesn’t fall into a mass produced version, almost gives you some fizz on the inhale, and evens out to a great finish. I don’t review a lot of Colas, but maybe I should. Solidly @ 9.8/10.

Fruit Crunch (River Supply) 3% (3-24-20) – This being the LAST one in this long series brings this series to a close. Immediately upon vaping the first thoughts were exactly Fruity Pebbles and Bergamot. I could def. pick up on the orange and lime elements, but there were more, and they presented as a light fruity pebbles. I could almost detect maybe some light marshmallow in there, but was hard to say. At the testing weight, it was overall mid strength, and sweetness was actually fairly low. Realizing the name, there was fruit in there, and the bergamot might have been a bit forward for my tastes. It was an interesting mix of an orangey limey base with some pebbles thrown in. With the bergamot being so forward, some work would be required if you wanted to really shift it to a more pure fruity pebbles mix. Nothing sharp or bitter in the mix, and it was a refreshingly clean way to end this series. For my tastes, the bergamot was a bit heavy, but maybe that’s what a “Fruit Crunch” is ?? 6.5/10.

Glazed Doughnut (River Supply) 3% (2-13-20) – How many times have I tried the doughnuts ? Too many. I have terrible luck with doughnuts, and hoping this would break the cycle. For starters, this one smelled a bit better than it vaped. Doesn’t mean it was a bad vape, but there was more of a biscuity finish smelling vs. vaping. Def. was in the ballpark for a doghnut, with nothing greasy or yeasty, and sweetness was actually lower on the scale, which was surprising for a glazed. Very full @ 3%, and didn’t feel weak, but it just seemed to fall short of the dough part. Somewhat muddy in the finish, but not enough to sink it. Don’t think this is the golden doughnut everyone is looking for, but not terrible either. Solid @ 6/10.

Golden Eye (River Supply) 3% (2-13-20) – Shaken, not stirred ehhh ?? This came across as an interesting mix of a somewhat sweet, punchy mango, with something else mixed in. Maybe a sour-ish mango, not sure. At first I thought it might have been a pinch of lime, but seemed not to be it. At 3% it was fairly full, but leaned towards the lighter side. Sweetness was fairly low, which was a nice surprise. The Mangos came across as mostly natural with an occasional artificial note. Didn’t get any other notes from this one, but it worked very well as is. Sweet and punchy Mango with some sour mixed in, that was light enough to vape all day, and full enough to keep you interested. 9/10.

Granola (River Supply) 3% (3-1-20) – What IS Granola ?? Oats, honey, brown sugar, nuts, maybe raisins ?? How does one come up with a Granola flavor ?? Let’s see. As a sum of the ingredients, this one did seem to favor a Granola. It can be hard to quantify exactly, but the oats and the brown sugar presented nicely, and although I didn’t get any honey, it did work well as it was named. I also couldn’t verify any raisin, but it could still be in there, lower in the mix, adding to the overall G. @ 3% it was full and tasty, and I couldn’t find any off notes throughout the test. Sweetness was low and that allowed for even more chain vaping (testing) LOL. This one could maybe be boosted with a smidge more of Brown Sugar, and just a TOUCH of Honey, but even as is, very tasty. I can’t remember vaping a specific Granola vape, but I’ve vaped quite a few flavors that had a G in them, and this one would fit the bill, and work nicely doing it. If you are in need of a Granola, this one will probably do it for you. 9.0/10.

Lemonade (River Supply) 3% (2-15-20) – LAST ONE, in this series !! Having just tested River Supply’s Lemon Lime Soda, I know this is in there. This is a bit more laid back, maybe a tad cleaner/clearer in it’s simplified Lemonade form. @ 3% it was slightly laid back, might be able to go higher, but it didn’t leave you wanting even at 3 %. The lemons were full, yet bright, sour yet sweet, which left it as a very juicy, even keeled Lemonade. It tasted more like a natural version with occasional hints of artificial. While there was some tart in here, it wasn’t heavy handed, and in comparison it fell right between FLV’s and LA’s versions. For a nice clean lemonade with punchy lemons, some tart, some sweet, that works @ 3% this one, gets it done. 9.4/10.

Lemon Lime Soda (River Supply) 3% (2-9-20) – Whew, I’m glad @River_Supply_Co recommended this one to me, as this is a little citrusy ass-kicker right here. Woo hoo. Well what the hell is it ? It presents as a perfect pairing of a lemonade, and a soda like Sprite (but not exactly). At 3% this one was right there, in your face with it’s citrus one two punch, leaving nothing to the imagination. Both parts are evenly paired with the lemonade taking the lead by a smidge. Sweetness was expectedly higher on the scale falling mid to high. The soda portion is closer to a Sprite than not, and the lemonade is almost a cross between FLV’s and LA’s. Fairly strong at 3 %, some may want to go lower, but even while strong, there was no indication of upper limit here. Bright, refreshing, sweet, and a citrus one two punch is what this is. 9.2/10.

Lemon Muffin (River Supply) 3% (2-13-20) – Punchy punchy in mah face !!! First thoughts on this were, punchy lemon, is that a smidge of lime anchoring it, and recessed muffin. That’s the FIRSTY first things I got from this. The lemon is very good, with punch and sweet, and I’m almost getting a hint of lime firmly anchoring a bit maybe. The muffin is fairly subdued in the mix, which I wish could have been more forward. The lemon was bright, and almost had a lemonade-ish hint to it, but not enough to through it off in pairing to a bakery. Sweetness was mid to high, and my only take off would be for a fairly recessed muffin, wish it was higher in the mix to better round this out. Great lemon, full @ 3%, but missing some muffin leaves it at a respectable 7.5/10.

Pineapple Sherbert (River Supply) 3% (2-9-20) – Who doesn’t love Pineapple Sherbert !!! ?? Kidding, as I’ve never had any before LOL. What did this one prove to be ?? Well, exactly what it says it was. I nicely bright Pineapple, but clearly much, much more, and damned if it didn’t seem almost like a slightly fizzy Sherbert !!! Now maybe it wasn’t “fizzy”, but the PA was clearly riding on a carrier of a nicely sweet sherbert-ish flavor that just almost had some fizz to it. Most sherberts I’ve had, have that sort of fizzy high end to them, and I say it that way, because it’s more than just being bright. Either way, fizz or no fizz, this one was really good. The bright sherbert carrier was perfect for the also bright pineapple, and they paired nicely with neither really taking center stage (nice). Sweetness was mid-high, but in no way off-putting. At 3% it was nicely there, BUT, might take advantage of an extra % higher. Not overly complex, but very interesting, with both jockeying for the lead position but neither getting there. A lighter, brighter flavor that ran higher on the sweetness scale, but did so tasting good. 9.4.10.

Red Sour Cherry (River Supply) 3% (3-1-20) – I don’t know why it’s soo difficult to get a GREAT Cherry vape, but it must be, because I’m scared every time I try a new one LOL. OK, here goes. All in all, this one was NOT poison, soapy, perfumy, or heavily medicinal, which was a huge PLUS already. It presented as a semi sour/sweet, darker cherry. NOW, every once in a while at this percentage, I did get an off note or two, maybe almost medicinal, but it was fleeting. It came and went occasionally, BUT, was not present during the entire vape. I don’t think this was evidence of hitting the ceiling on this flavor as it was about mid strength at 3%, and I almost was left wanting MORE Cherry during the testing session. Even with the aforementioned occasional peek-a-boo notes, it stayed fairly consistent, and cherry like throughout the entire tank, and it was fairly laid back (as I would like my cherry), and I wish it was more forward. Not bright, not dark, but leaned dark, and the sweetness being mid to low on the scale, paired up nicely with the sour, as both were lower in the mix, yet equal. As if often the case, this one will require some pushing to get it to go where most will want it to go, but, it can be done. For the occasional medicinal notes, kicking it down a few, and the somewhat laid back mid level intensity of this one. Nice Cherry overall, but as usual, will take some work. 6.5/10.

Smooth Cream (River Supply) 3% (2-12-20) – I hate testing creams, hate it. Why ?? Well, they can be very hard to quantify by themselves, and more easily by their effect on mixes. Some slam you with BA (yuck, i.e. Sweet Creams), others can have an overt malted note, and some taste, like nothing much at all. So testings creams IS hard. OK, where does a “smooth” cream fit in between the Milks, Sweet Creams, and others ?? This one was fairly laid back as a solo. I think RSC was wise to label this as a smooth cream, as it’s not a “sweet cream”. Many people don’t know that Sweet Creams are NOT sweet, but are the absence of any “Sour” notes i.e. Sour Cream. This did not present as a sweet cream, as previously defined. This cream was, well, SMOOTH. Go figure, right ? It had a very nice and creamy mouthfeel, but it was not rich like a custard. It did have a very slight amount of sweetness, but very low on the scale. It did not have any overt milky or dairy notes, yet maintained an overall smooth (sorry), creamy vape from start to finish. My two current go-to’s are FA’s Cream Fresh, and OOO’s Cream (Milky Undertones), and both are used differently. By testing this solo I cannot predict how it would work as a blender, a softener of sharp tones, etc. Actually was a nice vape solo (but who vapes a cream ??), and finished the tank. No sour notes, no Butyric Acid (BA), and was effortlessly light @ 3%, yet full enough so it’s presence was known. Hard to find a comparison, but maybe a slightly sweet version of CAP sweet cream would ballpark it for you. All in all, can’t find any faults with this one, and will leave this hard to explain gem @ 8.75/10.

Strawberry Milk (River Supply) 3% (2-9-20) – Who doesn’t love a good Strawberry Milk ?? Well you might just like this one because it is one. The first thing I look for (avoid) when milking is a heavy malted note, which this one did not have, so that’s a plus. Nice and almost rich cream, with nice milky notes help carry this one through. The Strawberry worked perfectly with the Milk elements, and itself was more of a jammed type, like you would get on a sundae. Nice and full @ 3%, with mid to high sweetness, and had nothing off-putting to say. The pairing was even, with the SB coming out on top. Chain vaping it proved, more of the same, and the combo kind of grew on me. Not a shake, but a very good SB Milk, which leaves it pretty high @ 9.5/10.

Sugar Crunch (River Supply) 3% (3-1-20) – Yummy McYummy on THIS one. Well this one was a nice thick and rich one off the start. Incredibly full @ 3%, with a creamy richness, and a just right amount of sweet. It presented as fairly complex, and wandered around during this tankful. A real medley of things going on here with nothing off putting, harsh, or otherwise detrimental to the experience. At times it leaned towards a french toast-ish, others back to more of a sweet, creamy bread, very interesting. Def. had a fair amount of bread, and at times the crust seemed to pop out a bit. There were quite a few elements in there, and swimming in very nice harmony without becoming a blurry mix. I could actually see push/pulling this one in quite a few directions very easily if needed. Continued vaping, revealed more wow from me, and this WAS going to be one of my favs from this first batch. While no real cinnamon or raisin elements were present, it could very easily be push/pulled, and was super delicious at this level, and could easily be considered a solo ADV. Finishing the tank, I still cannot find fault with this one. Just a perfect blend of bread, egg, butter, cream, and some vanilla spice, that really supports what it’s called. Handily a 10/10.

Vanilla Milkshake (River Supply) 3% (2-9-20) – First one on deck to see what River Supply Co has to offer. On the start I could tell this was a different kind of Milkshake. Most of the overused (common) malty notes present in many others were missing. What this allowed was more of a “Chic Fila” milkshake for those of you in the US. More of a creamier/cleaner milkshake. @ 3% it was actually very full, semi-rich, and the sweetness barely pushed above mid level sweet. Very delicious vanilla milkshake with almost whipped cream on top. Wasn’t overly thick and didn’t have pot fulls of mouth feel, but still very good. Having tried soo many other MS’s this one was a welcome change to the more common heavy handed approach, with a heavier, maltier aspect. A very simple, clean, and delicious Vanilla Milkshake that didn’t flood itself with sweetener. Only minor takeoffs for subdued mouthfeel. Great way to start off the series. 9.25/10.

Waffle Crunch (River Supply) 3% (3-2-20) – My current go to waffle is FW’s Waffle Cone, and it brings a lot to the party. At 3% this one was fairly full, but fell behind my go to in strength. I didn’t get an overwhelming (if any) maple in this, which would open it’s uses, and sweetness was mid to low, which was surprising. I could def. pick up on some actual cone elements that weren’t exactly biscuit-y, but favored that direction. As far as any “crunch”, not sure if I really picked up on any of it here. I don’t think this will kick my go to off it’s perch, but it was still quite good. For a fairly versatile Waffle flavor, not loaded up with Maple Syrup or butter, that’s not overly heavy handed, this one may work for you. 8.75/10.

Nicotine River (River Supply Co) Tasting Notes / Single Flavor Tests – SessionDrummer Nicotine River (River Supply Co) Tasting Notes / Single Flavor Tests – SessionDrummer


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When they open again of course. I’m glad to see you still around, and please take a bow. You have some excellent reviews.

BTW, I am a subohm tank vaper, but the only other one I ever use or will is my Steamcrave RTA V2. It’s the only diy one that I ever liked :slight_smile:


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