Nic Salts - More addictive than freebase?


Yes, at room temp mine is the consistency you’d expect it should be, @mrpipes.


I remember having my legs just fold after smoking a ciggy way back when. I was 9 so I had to do it sneakily and when I was at camp for a few day and didn’t have any smokes that’s what happened when I had one again.

I stole a Montano from my sister once and that was way heavier than I was used to. I passed out and woke up with shit in my pants :nauseated_face:


But, was it yours…

I remember when I smoked my first analogs. I was older than most of you and didn’t pick it up until I was about 24. Co-workers who were long time smokers used to laugh at me when I told them I don’t believe that the tingles will ever go away. They did. of course, and I was left with a smelly, expensive habit. I recall it was about two weeks that I got the tingles before that finally wore off.

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I’m afraid it was :poop:
I did finally understand the comments I would get from people who saw me smoke to tie up my trouser legs with elastic bands :rofl: