New gaming engine from the team at Unreal (coming in 2021)

Looks promising!


wow just wow


A friend had sent me that link and we were discussing it. We both do simple 3D modelling and polygon count is a big issue. This negates any of that. Years ago I was discussing CG with some actors and they were worried about being replaced by CG. This makes it that much closer. Those backgrounds and interactive scenery are incredible. You will need a high end graphics card with ray tracing to utilize games like this. Technology is cool.


I still remember when the original Unreal engine (UT) was released. Big deal didn’t come close, and this looks very nice.

Saw that demo. The water effects still do not impress me that much. Hope they get it squared away.

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I thought the same thing. The animation wasn’t right, like the ripples and splashes moved too fast. They need to study more what water does at super slow motion. But everything else is fucking epic.

It was like it was pushed from the feet. Water does not do that. It flows around the foot. I will say Red Dead 2 got the water really well in that game.

Yeah, exactly. To be honest… a lot of that stuff is great. But if the gameplay is well orchestrated, a little janky water won’t distract me a bit. I definitely want to watch this with a kickass audio system. Next… I’ll have the 360° 4k LCD display and a leather recliner on hydraulics that spin and tilt following the reticle in your military grade assault headgear.