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Anxious to try these. I ordered the new Gelato Vaniglia and New York Cheesecake which were delivered today from BCF. Interesting that most are considering Gelato Vaniglia as vanilla gelato, but an internet search claims this as Sicilian Ice Cream. Nicotine River listed this as “Ice Cream.” HIC updated notes and calls this “Sweet, lightly creamy, fruity vanilla.” So I dunno, but will find out shortly an give my first impressions.

For FA flavors I have relied on HIC’s (Head In Clouds) notes for quite awhile.

HIC’s notes new FA

Quick descriptions for some of them, beginning with the two I’m most impressed with. Finally - FA makes creamy, sweet vanillas!

Crema Bavarese (Bavarian Cream): I’d happily vape this one standalone, which isn’t something I say about many FA flavors. They could have named this one Vanilla Custard. It’s smooth, creamy, lush, nicely sweet vanilla - you could say French vanilla. I’m so pleased there’s no sour/lemon note, no spice, no “bakery notes,” no caramel, no fruit - nothing but creamy (French?) vanilla. It’s tasty standalone, blends well with bold flavors as a main ingredient, and works GREAT as minor addition of creamy vanilla in recipes. In my opinion, this is #1 most useful of the bunch, and I think it’ll prove to be the most popular one.

Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla Gelato): Sweet, lightly creamy, fruity vanilla. I swear I taste pear in this; it’s excellent with fruity mixes. It’s a brighter, sharper vanilla flavor than Crema Bavarese. It is tasty standalone, though I personally prefer Crema Bavarese for that. Also no sour/lemon flavor or spice here. If you like recipes with fruit+creamy vanilla, this should be your #1 choice of FA’s new flavors.

Maybe graham crackers are a uniquely American thing. I don’t think most Americans would identify FA Graham Crust as graham crackers in a blind taste test. I don’t think it will replace [insert your favorite graham cracker flavoring] for many people. Not a plain graham, not a honey graham, not a cinnamon graham, and not one of FA’s most concentrated flavors. BUT I have a feeling it’ll be a key flavoring for a narrow range of mixes. I’m not trying to be mysterious here; I just haven’t mixed enough with it to find its secrets.

NY Cheesecake - (even mixed with FA’s new Graham Crust) is not a replacement for TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust. It IS accurate cheesecake flavor - this kind: Note that recipe includes sour cream and a tiny bit of lemon. You can best get that mild “twang” when you vape this at higher power. Many will be tempted to start with NY Cheesecake and add to it. Mix the other way around for best results. Get your supporting flavors as the majority of the recipe, then gradually add NY Cheesecake (starting at 1-2%) to cheesecake-ify it. If you begin with it as the main ingredient, it’s easy to overpower subtle flavors & end up with an over-flavored mess. Best steeped, by the way!

Donut Glassato Cioccolato (Chocolate Donut). I clearly taste & smell elements of Nonna’s Cake and Breakfast Cereal (or perhaps it’s their new Graham Crust flavoring), but I have little more to say about this one yet. Okay, one thing. Just my opinion, but I think FA excels at creating authentic-tasting recipe elements rather than more complex blends like this. One more thing - shake well before use. It separates like FA Cocoa does.

Dragonfruit. I am not a fan of real dragonfruit or dragonfruit flavorings (which taste fermented to me), but FA has done a fine job making an accurate, authentic-tasting dragonfruit. It’s one of FA’s more concentrated fruit flavors


Very nice notes! Thank you.

FA putting lemon in a profile that it shouldn’t be in?



I don’t taste any lemon but I taste a citrus sweetness that is likely strawberry which I overall have trouble tasting. Having said that I tested this @ 2% and am very impressed. It is an authentic cheesecake flavor that is simply delicious. I think my first mix will be with blueberry though I can see numerous things this will likely work with. Flavourart is my favorite and I think as HIC said, they are very good at single authentic-tasting recipe elements and basically suck at complex blends. It will be very interesting to me to see if people consider this “strawberry cheesecake” or a versatile one.

My initial test of Gelato Vaniglia also left me very pleased. I think HIC described it best as a sweet, bright, creamy vanilla but to me it is not “fruity.” I don’t know how else to describe it other than delicious.
I’ve become a fan of WF Tahitian Vanilla and also their Vanilla Cream Extra and this may rival the Tahitian for use with fruit mixes.

I wish I would have ordered Crema Bavarese.


Update on the new cheesecake. I went up to 5% with .5% FA Cookie and 1% Red Touch strawberry. I read on an FA site where they recommend diluting to 5% so I tried it. Delicious cheesecake flavor and the strawberry comes out nicely. My favorite up to this point was Purilum NY Cheesecake mixed with Purilum Cheesecake Graham and .5% Hangsen Italian Cream for the cream cheese “wang.” The new FA NY Cheesecake tops everything else I’ve tried. Well worth trying if you like cheesecake.


I thought I would update my impression of these new FA flavors. I ordered the Crema Bavarese and mixed @ 5% as suggested. Fantastic. However, I don’t really know how to describe it other than a unique vanilla cream with nearly unlimited uses. HIC said “custard” and I don’t get that. Crema Bavarese is supposedly Italian for Bavarian cream. This doesn’t taste to me like any other Bavarian so I don’t get that either. But what does an old Indiana farm boy like me know about international tastes? Not much, but I know what I like and highly recommend trying it.

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Thanks. Didn’t know that was there. Blind as a bat I guess.:grin: