Netherlands ban on flavour vapes

Unbelievable, the Bastions of liberalisation succumbs to the misinformation war! So I can go in a Coffeeshop enjoy my spliff with a tasty piece of Space Cake but woe betide me if that’s Butterscotch flavour coming from my vape. I just can’t fathom how they can’t realise how foolish they look and open to ridicule they are!


What if it is weed flavored?


just tell them it is a basil tobacco…


We were the first with the 10 ml bottles and the 2 ml tanks too :smirk:


Where in the Netherlands are you from, I’m typical only been to Amsterdam and not since I was in my twenties but have been half a dozen times?

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I moved to Amsterdam when I was 18 to be closer to the Zeedijk to get my heroine.
Been here for about 44 years now.
Quit heroine in 1981, stayed in Amsterdam.


Stayed in that boat hotel once next to Central Station if it’s still there and also hotel De lantern a couple of times next to the Milky Way (Melkweg) which we visited a few times. When I first went like most tourists I fell for going in the Grasshopper paying for over priced inferior weed until I realised no Amsterdammers actually went in there so got wise and soon found some cracking coffeehouses. One I loved was The Hill Street Blues where I got ready rolled Silver Haze joints, if my memory serves me correctly some English Bloke owned it back then!

Once when in the Hill Street Blues The Black Crowes where in there who had played The Paradiso the night before, they were one of my favourite bands but was so mongulised on the Skiver Haze I was incapable of putting a sentence together!


I almost forgot about that one. Nah, we don’t frequent the tourist coffee shops, or buy at Central Station from some loser.

It’s still going!