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Alright, it seems I have stumbled across a as of yet unfound STASH of Nature’s Flavors !!! What do we do, when we find something ?? WE TEST THEM !!! Huge thanks out to @Plunderdrum for some working percentages, as I would have had no clue where to test these. Thank you for that.

Banana Nut (Organic) (NF) 0.5% (2-29-20) – This one was another one that smelled one way in the tank, and tasted another vaping. Smelled like a creamy banana, with a hint of spice, and some nuts. Vaping it, lost some of the creamy banana, and some of the nut. At the reduced rate of 0.5% it was full, and nothing off-putting. Sweetness was about mid level, and it was an even keeled vape. It surprised me when vaping as it lost some notes compared to smelling, but it was still good, just not AS good as smelling it. The banana teetered in between natural and candied, and with the lessened nut profile when vaping, was hard to identify. If it vaped like it smelled, it would have been a 10, but with my perceived note reduction, I think a 6.5/10 is fair. I don’t think it is good enough to carry the B&N by itself, but could be an asset in firming one up.

Bavarian Cream (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-29-20) – My current go to BC is TPA’s for reference. This one came across as quite a different BC than I was used to. It was almost a mix of NF’s custard, with some Danish elements thrown in. I did get some of the almost dry hit twinges I got from NF’s Custard here as well. Nicely full at 1% and sweetness was mid level. Quite a different BC, and that it just reminded me of NF’s custard, with some danish, and a smidge of coconut perhaps in there. To my tastes, it didn’t really convey a BC. Not terrible, but didn’t seem like a BC to me. 6.5/10.

Cake Batter (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-24-20) – One of the most notorious CB’s I’ve tried was CAP’s, and it always came across as far too chemically for my tastes, so these always scare me. OK, NO chemically-ness in this one, great. It’s a hard one to describe, but let’s start out by saying, it doesn’t SCREAM Cake Batter at me when vaping it. It’s actually a very good bakery-ish flavor, that COULD lean that way, but doesn’t scream it. At 1% it was very full, and almost rich, but didn’t exude any eggy-ness that I could pick up, but maybe some bakery/cooky elements I did get throughout. I have no clue how to make, and barely describe a cake batter, but this was a really good vape, none the less. As far as a stand out, I’d say no, but, still good, and great to add some light bakery, almost cookie (not quite) elements to your mixes. Sweetness was mid high, and I got no off-putting notes throughout the tank. I did finish the tank, so that’s worth a lot right there. As far as the full profile, maybe 40% CB, and 60% good cookie/bakery/sweet. So not a super stand out, but still very good. For it’s name, will have to leave solidly @ 7/10.

Cheesecake (Organic) (NF) 1.5% (2-25-20) – OK, who’s NOT afraid to test Cheesecakes ?? This guy. I had a run in a while back with RFSC’s Cheesecake, mixed it up, smelled it, and never vaped it LOL. So, that tradition continues with all cheesecakes. This one smelled pretty good in the bottle, so test on we shall. Vaping at 1% was very full with no signs of hitting the limit. Creamy, and mid-sweet, with not off-putting sour cheese that’s thrown me on a few others. It was interesting as smelling it, revealed an almost custard note to it, but vaping it that seemed to fall in behind the cheese, and wasn’t very present. To my tastes it was almost a blend of a custard and cheesecake. Now, throughout the tester tank, I continued to get a note, which I believe is NF’s attempt at a Graham Cracker in there, and although not off-putting, I wasn’t a fan of, at least in this mix platform. May or may not be a deal breaker for you, so you will have to decide. Continued comparisons between smelling and vaping, did continue to reveal much more of an eggy custard when smelling, that changed into more of a custard when vaping. Def. not as eggy when vaping. To call this a 50/50 custard/cheesecake would be accurate. Now, it was quite good, but as a “cheesecake” would have to mark down for the (I think) graham cracker that I wasn’t fond of, and or the blurring between custard/cheesecake. 6.9/10.

Chocolate (Organic) (NF) 0.4%

Cookie Dough (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-24-20) – As soon as I started vaping this, I knew they had some of their Milk Chocolate compounds in here (previously reviewed). I wasn’t a huge fan of that, and considered chalking this one up immediately, but soldered on through. It actually started evening out after vaping. At first blush, it appeared to be almost a mixture of their MC with Cake Batter I had just tested. Maybe not exactly, but that will put you in the ballpark. Now CD can be hard to create accurately I’m sure. Too many different elements and tastes to get it so that everyone agrees it’s Cookie Dough. This was more of a somewhat chocolate chip cookie, BUT, without the finished baked cookie part. Sounds like a CD, right ? It smelled more like it in the tank than vaping it, but even still it didn’t convey much of the dough. The MC portion had none of the off putting notes I had when testing that solo, and at 1% felt good, and strong enough, with sweetness low to mid level. Your mileage will vary as to whether or not this is a “dough” flavor or not. It’s in the arena, but not front row seats let’s say. Overall, not a terrible vape by any means, but could use more of the dough. I did get slight coconut aspects that would come and go, and I think that did help it move slightly towards the dough side of things. I think it feels good at 7.4/10.

Custard (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-27-20) – Getting near the end of this series, and custard on deck !!! Smelling this in the tank, smelled almost like a light CAP VC with some pudding notes. Vaping it, it stayed similar, yet different. I think I saw a review (of very few), that read, “This stuff is terrible”, LOL. Now it’s not terrible, and it’s not overtly eggy or offensive, but the rather bland, middle of the road custard is tempered by a a strange off note for me. It’s almost like the precursor to your cotton running dry. You know, you’re getting loads of great vapes, then the last one, you get that HINT (not burnt cotton) that you MIGHT be running your wicks dry ?? THAT, is what I get from every vape on this one. I almost want to say it has a harshness to it, but that might be excessive, but that’s what I get from this. The flavor is full at 1%, sweetness is low, and it presents as a unremarkable custard, with some pudding elements in there. I can’t shake the aftertaste though. Only vaping @ 65w on dual verticals (as ALL of my testers are), coming in @ 0.35 ohms, so nothing that would be causing that slightly harsh, almost “wicks are about to run dry” aftertaste. I’m going to guess that this may NOT be the custard for you, but, you never know. Being unable to shake the after note, will leave this smack dab @ 5/10.

Danish Pastry (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-22-20) – Woo Hoo, first one on deck for testing Nature’s Flavors came out of the corner swinging. Swinging a one two danish punch !!! Even at 1% this one was very rich and full, and it might even be able to run lower, so that is probably going to put this into the UC catagory. My first thoughts were a medium light pastry with a slight hint of cream cheese, bakery, and maybe some lower cinnamon notes. Now don’t let that put you off, as whatever cinna was in here was very low. Overall, all of the notes together DID convey a very convincing danish profile. Not overly creamy, yet full, sweetness was nicely mid, mid-low on the scale, and there were no off putting notes. I could easily see this being pushed with some LA Cream Cheese to enhance it, and fruits could completely push/pull it into numerous directions. Without struggling to try and explain danish elements, let’s just say it works, and is convincing. Could maybe go even lower, but nothing was hitting the ceiling at the 1% test level. No yeasty notes, and no play doh, just a solid, convincing danish. Continued vaping revealed maybe a 25% croissant, 75% danish mix, so it could be used in croissant recipes as well, but would require more pulling. As a danish, can’t go lower than 9.4/10.

Fresh Baked Bread (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-23-20) – One of the advantages of doing batch SF testing from a MFG is you almost immediately know when they use the same compounds across multiple flavors. This is the case with this Fresh Baked Bread. The review for this is exactly like the Danish Pastry review, EXCEPT this is missing the “danish” bending including the cream cheese. It’s interesting how when taking out the cream cheese compound (or not adding it) pulls it back away from a danish, to a more bread-like flavor. Quite good at this percentage, and although it didn’t really have any crust, it is a slightly sweet, somewhat dark-medium bread-like flavor. When smelling it in the tank it almost has very slight spicy notes, could be cinnamon, but it’s unclear, and vaping it they almost disappear. This is not a white bread (overly processed), but leans more towards a mid darkness wheat almost. When I say that, it’s not that it directly conveys “wheat”, but this tastes and feels heavier than a purely white bread. Very good actually, and having just tested the Danish Pastry, I cannot help but compare the two. There is NO toast, so don’t expect anything like FA Bread Crust. As is, a pretty convincing medium darkness, somewhat wheat-ish bread. 9/10.

Marshmallow (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-23-20) – Well, this one’s a winner. That’s all. :slight_smile: Ok, ok, but it is. I ran out of my CAP original MM a long time ago, and am still struggling to remember it exactly, but at first vape, this almost reminded me of CAP’s original mixed with some FA MM. @ 1% is was plenty strong, and could easily be pushed down to 0.50, or 0.75. As it was, it was great. Very fluffy marshmallow with plenty of mouthfeel, and nice and even on the inhale and exhale. Could almost taste the powder on the outside of the MM (if you know what I mean). Let me fill you in on what it means when you’ve got a good SF flavor in the tank. Filled it up, started testing, got busy, grabbed the tank, and just kept vaping on it as if it was my ADV. Got back, wrote up some notes, and now this review. Yeah, I can ADV this MM. Mid level sweetness with maybe some vanilla, but it didn’t scream vanilla MM. Continued vaping, proved to be a really relaxed experience. Some malty notes thrown in for good measure, and just a really fluffy, mouthfeel experience. This one was previously stated as one of the keepers, and now I agree. 10/10.

Milk Chocolate (Organic) (NF) 0.25% (2-22-20) – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!! OK, third one in, and these ARE indeed Ultra Concentrates. Initially tested this one @ 0.5%, and indeed it was TOO HIGH. Getting all orders of brewer’s yeast (yes). OK, tempered it to HALF, and coming in at an ultra low 0.25% this one started to take shape. Now I still got a VERY small amount of that yesty-ness, but it was almost undetectable, and a MC started to reveal itself. Unlike the new INW MC which was Band Aid City, this had no band aides, and was not overly dry, semi-sweet, which left it comfortably low on the sweet scale. It presented as a fairly unique MC, and I could not think of a good comparison, which elevates it to the unique status, BUT, even @ 0.25% I was still getting an almost brewer’s yeast off note. Don’t have time to go even lower, so it’s POSSIBLE that maybe halved again @ 0.125% it might eliminate, but noticing the halving of the flavor intensity when going from 0.50 to 0.25, I don’t think there would be much MC left, so that may just be, what this flavor is. Not the worst MC by far, and as a mixer it would def. work out, but the yeasty off note was a little TOO unique for my MC tastes. Mixer yes, main/primary note no. Please go LOW with this one, and I’ll close and leave it at a 4/10

Pancake (Organic) (NF) 1.0% (2-22-20) – On to number two, and it proved to be more than strong enough @ 1%, so these (at least the Organic Line I tested) are in the Ultra concentrate level. I was warned this one was another one of the good ones, and I agree. Having tried many pancakes, I found this one to be an interestingly different take on a pancake. It did NOT present with butter and/or syrup which was a surprise, and continued vaping also revealed I wasn’t missing them in this flavor. To my tastes it was like 40% pancake batter, and 60% pancakes. Quite a delicious little mix here. It probably could be tested lower, but even with that, it was very good at a full 1%. Not overly creamy, but a mid level sweet almost perfect pancake, with lighter batter elements mixed in. I continued to vape thinking surely I would find some trace of the typical butter / syrup but they just weren’t in there, and that was great, because if you want them, you can add them, if not, roll solo. It leaned towards a vanilla, but wasn’t a vanilla. Smelled slightly spicy in the tank, but not when vaping it. Very interesting mix, and the tank will be finished fo sure on this one. 9.75/10.

Peanut Butter (Organic) (NF) 0.75% (2-26-20) – Admittedly I don’t vape many Peanut Butters so this was a nice change up for me. Have mostly used TPA’s and CAP’s for comparison. TPA’s being darker and saltier, and CAP’s being smoother/creamier/sweeter, this one leaned towards Capella’s. Was surprisingly laid back @ 0.75% so it is possible boosting it might push it to a fuller status, but testing was do-able at this level. A somewhat recessed PB that had some low level sweetness, and inched towards a creamy vape with little to no mid to dark, or salty notes. Throughout the entire tank I kept thinking the PB without the P. I didn’t get an overly forward peanut element from it, but you got the sense it was in there, which is odd for a PB. Wasn’t a bad vape at all, but LOL, could use some more NUTS. Because of it’s somewhat laid back overall taste, and no punchy peanut notes, could easily be used in a base, but would need some peanut push IMO. Struggling to work up a number for a PB that’s missing some of the P. Still slightly sweet and creamy, and a good vape, so settling on a 6.5/10.

Pumpkin Pie (Organic) (NF) 0.35% (2-25-20) – I knew this one was super strong before mixing, and started this out at 0.35%. Smelling this when mixing smelled like it was going to be an interesting one, and it is. It was not like any other PP I have tried to date. The pumpkin was actually very good, and the pie was seemingly lost in the mix behind an almost bitter, earthy note that carried through the entire vape. Sweetness was low on the scale, and there was some spice, but it was hard to identify. It is possible that perhaps the earthy bitterness I was getting could have been a nutmeg, but it eludes a clear description. Because that “note” was so pervasive, it was hard to really taste any crust, and the pumpking note was about the only thing peaking through. Continued vaping still left me with that dark, earthy note, which bordered on bitter. I’m not sure if you could mix that out or not, so it will probably be a deal breaker for many. Clearly a natural flavor with no artificial notes, and the pumpking was great, but just overshadowed by “the note”. Marking down quite a bit for the heavy, earthy notes obscuring what might have been a much better flavor. 4/10.