My thing with (CAP) Vanilla Custard v1


I am or was or might still be a Cap VC1 junkie. But currently having a few issues.

I will start with a few recipes I like

Excellent and simple. I get mostly custard from this though and Very little yumberry. I attributed this to the RF yumberry being a fader.

This is a mix by Wayne with one sub, the kettle corn. It is good, but all I get is custard. Taste a
Most like the faded simple yumberry.

This one is a little different because I do pick up on the hazelnut quite well but the custard is still very strong

So I have INW custard in my stash now.

Questions…will the INW custard make a difference in my perception of custards in general, am I using too much Cap VC1 for my taste? Do I even like custards? Well, yes but it seems Darwin right now is the perfect custard and I can’t recreate it.


That is a bit strange mate because with the yumberry custard the yumberry is definitely the hero and well out in front of the vc1 for me. Inw is a great custard but a lot stronger and little more eggy I would think around 1.8 -2% to sub vc1 with inw (in yumbearry custard)


I think it is strange too, but all I am getting is one flavor with the exception of the Hazel mix.


And this has only come about in the last 2 months or so.

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It may be the builds or wattage you are using mate have you switched into a higher build/lower wattage as a test


Aromamizer RTA, Goons, Modfather, Ally, Buddha. Round wire, clapton, quad core fused, Ti, Ni80, Kanthal.

All same

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Time to get some cobweb cleaner juice. Just as a reference I vape yumberry custard in the aromamizer with a .12 ss316l at 120j on the ipv8 and the custard is just there thickening up the vape and giving the yumberry a bit of creaminess. Your taste buds have turned to custard :crazy_face:


Up your fucking percentages of the flavors you like. Lol, there done.


I guess The thread can be closed then?


Sorry, bit drunk. No offense.


I’ve been mixing with and vaping VC v1 for a while now, 4% is plenty imo, as you know it gets stronger and more prominent with a steep and drowns out other flavours at higher %’s


What he said! Inw custard is awesome, but also different to CAP VCV1 - to me, it’s more of a British/European custard.

This too - are you steeping for longer periods TM?


OR, conversely, drop the percentage of the offending flavor, and perhaps watch the others come to life! :wink:

Just a thought.


Completely agree. :thumbsup:
(It’s also roughly double the potency of Cap VC v1 IME)


I’ve been using Flavorah V Custard and really like it. Maybe it would work for a change up from Cap which I have never liked. I think its the egg in Cap and Inw that I don’t like. FLV does not seem as eggy to me and doesn’t overpower things. I have also been using a lot of FLV Vanilla Pudding which I think is very similar to their custard and definitely the same vanilla. Both have become some of my favorites and seem to work with just about anything.