Molinberry Interview


Hi all just thought i would post this for any one interested in getting to know the flavour company molinberry a little more. @DIYDownunder did a short interview with marcelina who started molinberry with her husband after working with INW. Molinberry have some great flavours and definitely worth picking up. It seems molinberry is really starting to target the diy community more and its great to see.


Thanks man, they have some really good flavours and don’t get a lot of attention in the community :+1:


No worries @Jose have you tried there tobaccos any worth picking up?


I think I had two of their tobacco’s, Charlie Tobacco and another one I don’t remember.
They didn’t really do it for me. I have their Ash Cigar but I have only once made some liquid with that and that’s a while back.
If I had been impressed I would have used it more often or so I think :grin:
IMO Flavorah has the best tobacco’s on the market but Molinberry does very well in other areas.


Oooh! You have my attention!
I was already curious about trying them out, but this little nugget just bumped them higher on the priority list! Ty!


I recently picked up 10 or 12 flavors from them…all fruits an berries…so far on single flavor testing i am likeing them…very nice flavors…


Your testing notes would be helpful…and as above very welcome :smiley: Looks like the bot thinks there are 53 of you (welcome them ) so welcome… all 53 of you :laughing:


Welcome to the forum @Alan53 and yeh…



I will or will try to get my act together and whip some up so I can give it a fair assessment, I really don’t remember.
It’ll take some time but I will be back.



Now after you’ve stopped staring at my bosom I can tell you that (IMO) the Ash Cigar is rather pleasant.
Mixed at 7% it is robust and of course ashy, why else use the name, but there’s also a slight sweetness without it being cloying.
It’s not bad as a SF, I have no idea what it would do in a mix though. I’m usually too lazy to mix and quite happily vape on single flavour tobacco’s. :relaxed:


While I’m not at all a chest man… It needs to be noted that, in fairness, even she can’t resist looking at them evidently! :crazy_face:
(the part where just before she lowers her right arm…)

She seems to have the expression of “OMGosh! I still can’t believe the difference these new puppies make!” :rofl:


I bet they cost a lot more than the necklace.:grin:


So that’s how you became the tobacco vape guru?:grin:

What is your favorite sf Flavorah tobacco? I’ve only tried one and it was INW RY4. I thought it was okay but it didn’t really do it for me.


From Flavorah I like the Red Burley, Kentucky Blend and Turkish the best.
With Inawera it is Black for Pipe.

Not sure about that, I just happen to like tobacco’s. I don’t see how liking something equals being an expert or guru but if people like to throw around titles, who am I to object.
Does that make them guru’s in title throwing? :sunglasses:
It’s just tough luck for people who follow my advice and have a completely different taste experience :laughing:


I had just assumed that you had elaborate recipes of various combinations of tobaccos and other things that you had spent months or years on. I guess it’s like Pugs said; to assume is the mother of all fuckups. :grin: I’ve always tried to keep mixes simple and seems to me that the chemists that develop these products know more them than I ever will. I’ll try some single flavor tobacco’s. Have any SF percentage recommendations?


I’ve made some elaborate recipes in the past but unfortunately my taste has changed since and I can’t stand most of them anymore :sweat_smile:
I also suffer from general laziness and have turned into a tank, or more recently, a squonkbottle mixer.
I just mix up some other stuff that I like with my tobacco sometimes, like custard or caramel and such and just squirt some in with the tobacco.
Not very scientific and the anal mixer will be shuddering now but it works for me :relaxed:
I have a recipe called Soho Ripple that I find a tat too sweet and creamy on it’s own, but when I mix some in with Flavorah Turkish, it’s kinda nice.
As for SF percentage, the flavours I mentioned above are all excellent at 3% :+1: