Modifying The IJOY Capo 216

So I went ahead and bought the Capo 216. I was aware that the bottle and lack of squeeziness was an issue for some people. But hey, I saw the Mike Vapes hack and knew I could fix it if needed. I had a 10% discount and they somehow rang me up for the Capo 100, so my price was $49 + tax. Knowing that the batteries alone were probably worth $20, I figured it was a really cheap mod and I wouldn’t feel bad if I wanted to hack it and screwed it up.


So after using it for a few hours, I got really tired of not being able to get a full good squonk. I just couldn’t get a long satisfying squeeze that would fully fill my RDA. The bottle has a harder plastic frame, but more annoyingly, has a metal tube through the center that stops you from squeezing it fully. My plan was to use it for a week or two before cutting into it, but I just couldn’t take it any more. So I did the Mike Vapes hack which can be seen here:

I cut the metal tube off.


Then I installed the generic Coil Master squonk bottle, the exact same one he has. Well it takes a lot of wiggling and pushing and maneuvering to get the bottle in place. Oh right the bottle is soft silicone filled with liquid and if you put any pressure on it juice squirts out! So I got it into the mod and the cover just fits but it takes a good bit more moving around. I vaped what was left in the bottle and it did work ok. So now I have an empty bottle and need to refill. Getting the damn bottle out was even more work than installing it. The cap fits really really tight up inside the mod. I had to reach way up in with long needlenose pliers to remove it.

So now I am staring at my new mod and wondering if I just created a paperweight. Mike Vapes hack is a MAJOR FAIL! The mush in my pea brain was sloshing around and then it dawned on me. Why not just replace that stupid metal tube with soft silicone tubing?

I reinserted the silicone grommet.


Then the silicone plug/ stopper.


All that was left to do was take the silicone tubing from the generic squonk bottle and slide it over the metal tube.


I trimmed the tubing to the proper length, filled the original IJOY bottle and it fit right in.


Installed the cover and… hey! Whaddya know? it fits like its supposed to!


The bottle is still a bit stiffer than your regular squonk bottles, but the major flaw was the metal tube preventing me from getting a good squeeze. This is so much more enjoyable to use, I really like it a lot better.

Some impressions and observations about this mod;

This thing will give you a much better vape than a single battery mod, even with a single coil RDA. I love my cute little Pulse, but it can’t do what a dual battery mod does. Not in sheer power or battery life. I doubt I will ever buy another single battery squonk mod.

I won’t buy another mod that has a metal tube running into the squonk bottle. There is just no need or good reason for it and it does nothing but get in your way. Not to mention it will drip juice while you are filling your bottle.

I do love that this has separate compartments for the batteries and bottle. There is no way I will buy a mod with a bottom door that drops the batteries out when you go to fill the bottle. In the same vein, I don’t want a mod that needs yet another special bottle just to fill your squonk bottle.

This mod is large. Comparable to triple battery mods, so it isn’t for pockets or easy travel.

The screen is dim in bright light and there is no brightness adjustment. Why would you put smoked glass over an LED display?

The button layout sucks. I am getting used to it, but its awkward. Its easy to hit the +/- buttons when you squeeze the bottle.

I didn’t even bother with the included non-rebuildable RDA. PFFFFT

I think I am happy this was my first dual battery squonk mod. I got to modify it and make it better. It works fine in wattage mode, maybe terrible in TC. It fires fast and hard, was inexpensive and you get two good batteries. I had fun with it.


Out of insanity, genius comes… You did well my friend :smile:


Great info @Jim22! And I thought the same thing about that weird RDA they are including with it…I don’t get it! This is one of the reasons I wasn’t sure about getting this squonker…because I haven’t found it available anywhere without that RDA…


Nice fix! I dig it lol


Very fun read bud! Well done, and I respect the “yeah… this is fucked. I can do better than they did!” attitude! :wink: grins :thumbsup:


Insanity? Probably. Genius? nah that’s for other people lol.

@SunnyT I guess you can dry burn the coils and replace the cotton, but once the coils get old its done. Just silly to me.

@Fishaddict420 and @Sprkslfly , glad you liked it. I am not a craftsman or artisan, but yeah when I see something that doesn’t quite work the way I want it to, I just want to fix it! I like to tinker!


It’s the groove that you found a work around for an otherwise fine mod. I have a few that just perplex me. Nice mod but why, just why, the battery door that won’t stay shut. No spring loading on the battery contact, really? An adjustable set screw instead? What were you thinking? A threaded 510 plate that becomes a heating element and needs to be cleaned once a month? A battery tray that destroys batteries when you take them in and out, OMG! And last but not least, atties with juice flow control that seep at the pivot points. Bravo boneheads!!! In many cases it would have cost less to do it right.


Yeah I forget which mod I have that has a bottom loading battery door and its hard to get the batteries to slide in and almost impossible to get them out. I mean come on, its batteries and torn wraps and all that safety stuff.


You would think that with all the mods / tanks etc that they would sit down and look at all the faults and create a list of what works and what doesn’t then build the perfect equipment


Airflow scoops :laughing:


Is that the new njord now with grater air flow