Modefined Sirius - Siriusly Awesome

I would like to thank Healthcabin for sending me the Modefined Sirius free of charge for review. Despite that I will give my honest opinion. I would also like to thank Maggie from Healthcabin for her patience, I have had this mod for around 3 weeks and have not had the time to write the review. Upside is I have used the mod daily and have gained a really good idea of how Siriusly good it is.

With a name like Sirius the puns just write themselves I promise that by the end of this review you will be Siriusly sick of me using it but hey what can I say I cant pass up a dad joke no matter how bad.

Judging a book by its cover is the saying but more often than not it is a good indication of how much a company cares about the product. The Modefined Sirius comes in a nice presentation sleeve which contains a flip top box housing the mod, usb lead warranty card and instruction manual.

The Mod:

Comes in a range of colours I received the Red but it is also available in Grey, Sapphire Blue, Green and Gold. From Healthcabin

I Siriusly love the look of this mod I can best describe it as a retro look but it is super sexy and and has a great feel in the hand. The functions are simple and intuitive. The operation for me has been flawless,
which I guess it is to be expected as Modefined is a subsidiary company of Lost Vape. I guess we could say that the mod is made by Lost Vape with a similar attention to build quality and really only one departure from a Lost Vape regulated mod - no Evolve DNA chip.

The menu operation is very similar to a dna75 but with nowhere near the same set of functions. I see this as a plus because despite the 200w capabilities of this mod I see it as a great beginner to advanced mod - nothing too crazy menu wise so a beginner wont get lost in a maze of settings and powerful enough for a seasoned vaper to hit without issue.

If you know of anyone thinking of buying an Alien 220 I would Siriusly recommend this mod over an Alien any day. They are pretty much exactly the same size with around a 30gram difference in weight (with batteries) with the Sirius coming in a little heavier. The scales tip markedly in the Sirius’s favour with the quality of the finished product.

The Sirius has has a nice spring loaded 510 pin that has quite a long travel and is made from nickel plated brass. It is so much better than the alien’s janky 510.

The Sirius is capable of VW, TC (Ni,Ti,SS,TCR) and Bypass modes.

I have no idea on the chipset of the Sirius but it performed really well in TC SS mode and TCR mode, it was perhaps a little cooler than the advertised temp (which is pretty standard and nothing a little playing with the TCR wouldn’t fix) but with no real way for me to measure it I can’t exactly say where it fell temp wise.

The fire button is nicely placed and can be thumb or finger fired with no issue. The slight curve on the button and size make it nice to the touch and easy to find. It does protrude a little which as mentioned makes it easy to find but also means that the mod may fire in the pocket unless you use the lock on the mod (5 clicks). The Sirius also has an auto lock feature that can be engaged from the setting menu (time out is 30 mins and is non adjustable - perhaps the only con I have found).

The Battery door is as solid as the rest of the mod it is well marked with battery polarity on the door and the opposite end

The Sirius has a lanyard loop but I doubt I would ever use it to hang around my neck it could however be useful to some.

A massive bonus to me is that it will hold a 30mm topper with no overhang - it does look a little strange due to the bevel on the top plate but it just sort of works.

The screen while quite small is colour and is very easy to read with a simple layout.

Specs and Boring Bits:

  • Dimensions: 87mm by 47.5mm by 30mm
  • Powered By Two High Amp 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Die Cast Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Sold Stainless Steel 510 Connector
  • Nickel Plated Brass Spring Loaded Pin
  • Wattage Range: 7W - 200W
  • Voltage Range: 0.4V - 8.4V
  • Max Output Current: 39A
  • Output Mode: VW / TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / TCR/ BYPASS
  • Temperature Range: 100C - 315C / 200F - 600F
  • Anodized Aluminum Faceplate
  • 2.4cm (0.96") OLED Color Screen
  • 15 Seconds Screen Time Out
  • Auto Lock After 30 Minutes Of No Operation
  • Bottom Battery Door Sled
  • 1A Micro USB Rechargeable
  • Protections: Short Circuit, Weak Battery, Temperature, Low/High Resistance, Switch Timeout


Well I love the look, I love the mod, I have no hesitation in saying you need this in your life. Siriusly for what you get the price is very reasonable.

Pros and Cons:


  • Build quality is fantastic
  • Unique retro looks.
  • Simple menu operation.
  • Performs very well.
  • Solid well marked battery door.
  • Solid well anchored 510 with a long travel.

Inability to change the time out (not even a con just me having to find something to put here)

Would I buy it?
I would most certainly buy it. It has become a daily driver for me.

You can pick 1 or 10 up from Health Cabin for $60.00 at time of review.

In the meantime please feel free to hop on over to Steampugs to see how the Modefined Sirius compares to other vape gear currently on the market.

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I just want to add to the end of this review a massive shout out to Andy from Healthcabin customer support for his assistance with a wayward parcel. All too often we see customer service complaints but rarely do we see positive reports. Long story short a package went wayward and not only was there no hesitation in replacing the lost items but it was shipped by fedex at their expense (original was by ems). The whole episode was very painless and Andy was a pleasure to deal with. I will have no problem recommending them to others as a result of my experience.


awesome review brother, looks like a really cool little device…who knew! :grin: thanks for sharing man :ok_hand:


Cheers mate I am really impressed with it I have been bashing it around at work for nearly 3 weeks without a mark on it. Close 1500 hits on it and i can’t find any problems worth mentioning.


Great review again @woftam thanks :smile::+1::dash::dash::dash:


Siriusly good review, cheers :smile:


That is a nice looking mod!! Great review and good read man!! Thanks…


You are Siriusly enabling again! Why are you forcing me to buy this? It sure feels better to blame others when I buy something. Thanks for another awesome review.


Heheheh sorry not sorry @Jim22 I don’t think you will be either .

Thanks @Eddie appreciated. I love the look, I can see how some wouldn’t but they have no taste so are of no consequence :rofl:


Thanks mate appreciate the comment.


You nailed it mate! Excellent review of a great mod, anyone who buys an Alien over this is siriusly nuts :wink: