Mixing with both DAAP & Butyric Acid flavours


Personally, I do not worry about DAAP flavours but for those of us that do you should perhaps have a read.

I came across an interesting article about the mixing of DAAP containing flavours and flavours that contain Butyric Acid. Take away is - if you are concerned about DAAP you should never mix the two.



I don’t recall exactly where but I have ran across this from other sources advising to not combine the two chemicals. Nevertheless thanks for spreading the word. What I don’t get is how people can stand the taste and smell of BA. You always hear “dirty socks” and “feet”… yeah sort of…if they’re on a cadaver. :face_vomiting:



I remember now. This was in a 500 page study you pointed out to me a while back. Can’t find the thread but you ran across it while looking for something else. I didn’t read it all but did read the section about not combining with BA and it also pointed to studies showing that BA may be more harmful than Diacetyl. So much for the nasty V2 stuff.

Personally I’m not going to worry about Diacetyl etc. when I spent decades in industrial environments inhaling all kinds of nastiness plus the cigarettes have exponentially more diacetyl than any vape juice.

Seems like our Orwellian authoritarian masters govern by could, may, might, and what if. Personally I think vaping has been around long enough that they know exactly what the effects are. Not even pharmaceuticals have to undergo perpetual "could, may, might’ analysis and testing.

Its very nice to see Nudenicotine give us this information but I have to ask: why hasn’t Big Brother? (rhetorical question I think most know)