Mixing fruit flavoured nic salts

Despite being a novice, I have already acquired several vape kits as well as a number of spare tanks.

I have a little stand improvised from a womens’ nail polish rack to hold vape tanks, so that I can swop between them as it suits me. I have been keeping one flavour or a mixture of two flavours in separate tanks. The problem is that it is easy to lose track of what is in each tank, and so I have been inadvertantly mixing grape with cherry, raspberry, mango etc. However as long as I stick to fruit flavours I have found that almost any combination of flavours works well for me. I have a fruit salad which I can modify by adding more of a particular flavour as the mood takes me.

I have been vaping nic salts exclusively and using a light vanilla tobacco as a base. I find vanilla is useful for toning down an overly strong taste as well as enjoyable in itself.
I started with Dinner Lady vanilla tobacco, which I liked and later discovered Re-Salt which is good value and mixes very well with alll my fruit flavours.

Is there any reason why I should change my strategy?


None that comes to mind. It seems what ever you are doing works for you. The point of vaping is that you enjoy it, and if mixing different e-liquid is what you enjoy, go for it.

Maybe look at starting to mix your own e-liquids. Seems like you are half way there anyway. You can 1000’s of recipes right here or create your own.


Thanks for the reply.