Mesh Rta's and Single coil Rta comparisons

I have 5 mesh Rta and 8 single coil Rta (Dtl) and kinda gave up on my 6 Mtl rta as i get better Mtl flavor from a good pod system -minus the once per week builds

Mesh builds may not last as long or as good as handmade coils but i do get better flavor from a fresh mesh build than my Juggernaut Mr ,Eclipse, Gear,Druga etc as ive switched back n fourth all day many times.That doesn’t go for all my mesh Rta like the Zues,Kylin M(which the ofrf strips are way better than vv strips) but the Profile X, DoomX and Unity can stand toe to toe with flavor as i see a new mesh build similar to a new sub ohm coil lined with mesh.It’s not for everyone which i get as the wicking can be tricky for some but im fast at it and down pat and there’s no clipping leads or strumming hot spots tho it does require a new build every 2-3 weeks but their certainly easy and cheap to run.I use mesh and single coil Rta on my Single 21700 battery mods and Dual coil attys on my box mods that require more power and battery life.I realize i’ll get a lot of negative feedback from this but these are just my observations and the preferences are very close but this is based merely on flavor from shelf brands and my Diy recipies that are tried and true.I do however use a single coil, small Rda to test my mixes as i believe it will provide the closest to the finished product as possible but were not comparing Rda’s or Dual coil Rta but Mesh and Single coil RTA’s.A mesh rta does have a cooler vape but no cooler than a .3ohm Alien at 50-60w which is what i use and need very little watt adjustments when switching and comparing as most mesh strips are good between 45-65w much like a .3 ohm coil.In fact i don’t notice much diff from top or bottom airflow either unlike the old days as most top Af now are much improved and the vapor is directed downward
and around build and back up.Btw Warm vs Cool vape? That’s merely preference and tell that to a low watt MTL vaper who swear by cooler vapes :blush: At the end of the day i love all my single coil and mesh Rta’s.Single coils lasts longer and who doesn’t love a nice Handmade alien or framed staple but a fresh mesh build crackling has pretty damn good flavor too. If your good at wicking a mesh Rta, its provides nice clouds and flavor as it ramps up immediately but i also wouldn’t trade my best single coil rta for my best mesh rta and wouldn’t wanna have to choose between the two either.The old schoolers are gonna choose a coil everytime lol but more mesh rta come out all the time and now some in Aio’s.They both have their pros and not many cons for the top ones i have and use everyday :raised_hands:


Hi Mike - Your post got me thinking on some stories to share, as I have been seeking a rebuildable that provides me the flavor of the first tank I ever bought - the original Horizon Falcon with the M1 Mesh coil. It was so great, and provided flavor notes that I’ve yet to experience in another device, that I went and bought a Falcon King, which came with the new, upgraded (with bamboo?) M1+ Mesh coil. It’s always been my impression that the M1+ Mesh coil improved flavor even further by at least 25%, and when I retrofitted the new coil to the original Falcon, I got the restricted direct lung dense, saturated, flavorful vape that to date has been unmatched by any other RDA, RTA, or RDTA I have, including my Hadaly clone that I use for mix testing.
That said, my next best all day device has been a Steamcrave Aromamizer Supreme V3 Advanced Kit, which came with single coil, postless, and mesh decks, and this was the first mesh deck I bought. The single coil deck was good, the postless (dual coil) deck is great, but I’ve not been able to get the mesh deck to work reliably. I get 1-2 puffs of superior vape, and then the flavor and performance falls off immediately, so I gave up. I’ve seen numerous wicking tutorials on this, but my impression is that the Steamcrave deck has no spring-loaded wick floor, and I think my wicks keep falling away from the mesh coil. I still plan to try again. I also just received a Wotofo Profile 1.5 and a Lost Vape squonk, that I’ve yet to press into action, but I have high hopes for this rig.
As you can tell, I am still seeking That Rebuildable that provides the flavor and performance to rival my beloved Falcon - the hardware dragon I’ve been chasing for years. I don’t think I’m really into the pod or Boro Box thing. I just received an Oxva Arbiter 2, but after a few weeks of use, I don’t think it likes RDL mode very much. I’ve seen that the Voltrove 25mm V3s seem to be flying out the door (never mind - the Voltoves are gone), and the flavor seems excellent, but I need that RDL draw. MTL (for me) is out of the question - I hate sucking my vape through a coffee straw, but, that said, I still own an Aspire Nautilus Mini. I know this is the oldest discussion on the planet, but if you (or anyone) could recommend the best rebuildable mesh RTA (or any device) with RDL draw in mind, what would that be? Or, am I completely on the wrong track, and is mesh really not suitable for RDL? Is a mesh coil tank (like the Falcon) simply superior to rebuildables? I invite and welcome all comments. Thanks Mike/All - have a great day. (By the way- you get those coffee supplies yet?)


The Doom X can get a good RDTL with the bottom airflow dial.It vapes really well too with great flavor.Its a uniquie floating deck as the juice reservoir sits above the mesh build underneath and slowly drips thru 2’slots on the bottom of the tank and drips on top of the build…It doesnt like 80/20 tho cuz it drips down a bit too slow for the wicking not to hit dry occasionally.60/40 seems to vape like a beast and 70/30 if its not too thick too vapes well…The profile Rdta with Clapton mesh is talked about often too as a great flav machine.And i have to mention the new Profile X that takes the wide 1.5 rda NexMesh strips and also dual coil.It has a top AF dial that’s a good Rdtl also.Lastly the Kylin M has the top honeycomb airflow n even wide open is the best Rdtl but the wicking is very tricky to keep from occasional dry hitting so id pass on that one as nice as the build deck is.Mesh Rta’s are far few n in between to find a really good one.I love them tho… but its why i switch between single coil Rta like the Juggernaut MR is stellar,The Destiny is great but more DTL.The thing is there’s prob better fllavor with dual coil rta but at 10-12mg salt diy i dont have or need many of those as i rarely venture past 60w at those mgs plus diy i can squeeze a ton of flavor out of most attys.The Druga is a great Rdtl single coil but i just believe i get better flav from mesh Rta’s tbh.The Unity is another great Wotofo mesh Rta .Thats about all i got for good mesh and single coil Rta’s with flavor, its the RDTL thats hard to suggest ones with both but yeah Damn vape DoomX,Profile RDTA,Profile X,Wotofo Unity. Single coil Rta the Juggernaut,Destiny,Druga and watch a sht ton of YT reviewrs thoughts and rankings on these attys so u can see them in action.OH AND check out the new Requim Rts,it has 3 caps and insertd from Mtl Rdtl to Dtl.I just put it in my basket after watching a few reviews on it :raised_hands:


Mike, thanks for your thoughts. I think I’m going to press that Profile 1.5 into use - if I can’t make that work, I’ll never get any mesh to work! Really appreciate your words of advice though - thanks again.


Your welcome the NexMesh for the 1.5 Rda also fits the Profile X 28mm Rta(Chill,Turbo,Extreme) wich also uses dual coils. its literally the only mesh Rta that’s never Dry hit once as many are tricky as far as the wicking and the ejuice keeping up and I’ve owned them all.
Hope this was helpful but as far as mesh Rda’s there’s really no way for those to dry hit as your dripping directly onto the build (or squonking)


Mike, your thread inspired me to have another go at meshing my Titan. Success!


Glad to hear that lol.Im vaping 3 diff mesh Rta’s as we speak .My Profile X Doom X and Kylin M, their all hittin like a champ.Nice clouds and the flavor is bangin as always :blush::metal: