Medicine Flower Strawberry

Anyone use this? Reviews claim its very good but not potent like other MF flavors. I’ve been on a near 3 year quest for strawberry vapes and am wavering between trying FLV Alpine Strawberry and MF.

Up to this point Strawberry Shisha + FA Red Touch is my go to but have never been all that satisfied.


Definitely gonna subscribe to this as I would like to know too.

My go to is usually RFSC Strawberry and Shisha Strawberry, still not tired of how those 2 play off each other. That is my all time favorite flavor from RF, there Strawberry and it’s off shoots like strawberry milkshake and gelato.

I only have FLV Strawberry Smash and haven’t been impressed so makes me leery of FLV Alpine strawberry. Haven’t heard enough stuff about the MF SB, either good or bad so it makes me think it is not great, if not more people would talk about it?


I like both Alpine and MF but they both have their drawbacks

  • for an MF the strawberry usage is on the high side (.8 - 1.2%) and has a weird aging curve in a mix where it disappears then comes back and then hangs around quite well. That said it is probably the most realistic strawberry that is out there just the usage requirement make it not so economical.

  • Alpine by comparison is super strong and will take all your flavours and stomp them into nothing is you use it just a smidgen too high I use at a max of .15%. It is not the sweet strawberry you are used to but true to its name an alpine strawberry - slightly tart and sort of jammy (not candy).

Given the choice between the 2 I would most likely go alpine and use it very sparingly it stays in a mix and is ready to vape pretty quickly (if you are using hand shake). Paired with a sweeter strawberry is will make for a perfect strawberry.

Comparing the 2 taste wise is really hard since they are totally different beasts.


What other strawberries do you normally pair Alpine with? I read a lot of ELR recipes and as usual can’t make much sense of them: combinations and %'s all over the place. I think that I would/will dilute the Alpine where it a can be easier controlled. The logic of making concentrates that strong escapes me. I recall the FA tour where the owner describes diluting their concentrates 80 times for final products which are nevertheless very potent.

As far as combinations I seem to get “close” to what I’m after but it’s getting frustrating. Generally I vape what I mix but sometimes :nauseated_face:.

As far as MF being “probably the most realistic strawberry,” that appeals to me. The price doesn’t but I use MF Lemon upwards of .5 % occasionally and am still on my first bottle. I’ve not had a very good opinion of MF and their business practices from the beginning. Now that we finally know they are pg based except where otherwise stated and also seem more receptive to the vaping community, my concerns are lessening.

Bottom line is I guess I’ll have to try both. Imagine that.:rofl:

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I do like alpine with sb smash (see the dinner lady clone @Grubby posted up

I have used Alpine standalone in a variation of one of smoky blues recipes and it is very good - designed for high wattage so you can push the % a bit (try it where it is first for a pleasant surprise).

Modifying it with sb shisha (very low) also works very well as does the addition of flv jammy berry.

It is one of my favourite flv because it is so powerful - similar in strength to the rich cinnamon. I would suggest a 10% dilution for ease of use if you are doing smaller batches.


The dinner lady clone is holding up well, getting more SB from it now.

Alpine strawberry is a really nice strawberry, sweet and has that ripeness to it


Ordered along with strawberry smash. :grinning::+1:


Late to the party but I’ve been using it for a long time now. It is the best natural strawberry flavor I’ve found.

It is perfect for bakery and desserts where yu want strawberry fruit flavor, but it is not suited for candy falvors because it is natural, not the artificial bright, sweet fake vibe (which I also love by the way). So when used in the right application, it’s great.