Mech Mod Mods

Ya you would think i made an error in the title (i didn’t) but most of use that own mechs have at some stage done a couple of mods to change the way they look or work . Here is one I did today on a mech squonker that was giving me the irrites.

It is the Vulcan dual 18650 squonker

Before the bar in the middle made it a pita to squonk it was a pinch not a press and i really didn’t like it the way it was.

After I opened it up a little - when the Chinese New Year Holiday finishes I will replace the bottle with a larger one.


Good job, looks super clean too :+1:


Playing on the mill is always fun - cheers mate


Have you ever considered building your own mod?


Yes, I am just having trouble finding the time to make a version 5. I will get there when the government looks at my pedition so the day has 36 hours and i can fit more stuff in.


Nice @woftam! That looks so much easier to use than it did with the bar there.


Sweet look to it now. How in the hell did you manage to squonk it with that bar in the middle? Don’t know what you used to finish up the end results but it looks factory. Have few tools any more, what I do have are more for working with wood, and putting up molding around our pool. Don’t have a grinder or any kind of belt sander, files…all kinds of files, wood working a few metal files, computer files a load of computer files lol. Great job mate, I’m new here and from across the pond in the US. Always like it when a project just works!:ok_hand::+1:


Oh man I missed this one. GREAT improvement. Whenever the modification looks 100% better than the original, you know you’ve nailed it. Fair play!


Found a nifty little cheap trick to remove cerakote or paint with no damage to the original mod.
You will need
A large bag of salt
An air compressor
A cheap Chinese sandblaster

Wear some glasses the spray back will hurt your eyes (even with glasses I had a bit of salt find its way to my eye ouch!!!)
The cheap Chinese sandblaster cost me about $15 aud on ebay

You will need a heap of table salt - why salt you ask well it disintegrates on impact and won’t damage the underlying metal (tested on brass and copper) this will reduce the amount of buffing you will have to do for the final finish. (I won’t show the final finish until I have finished it I ran out of salt :rofl:)

This is an old mech I had that I don’t use at all and never really liked the finish on it - this is the side I didn’t do yet (captain obvious yes I know)

The side I blasted with about 500g of salt.

As you can see even the superfine etched serial number was not damaged.

I will post up some pics if I bother to finish it (I was just testing so I could use on a much nicer mod that I really don’t want to kill)


Man I could think of a ton of uses for this! Excellent tip.


I have not tried baking soda and in a cabinet i think it would work well but with these cheap blasters it may be too fine - worth a try though


My pants would still be on fire if I said I wasn’t nervous doing this but I love the end result. Still needs a little polishing I ran out of the polishing compound.

Fitted with another button


Stop it, I love that work mat!


I will finish polishing now - i went to town an grabbed some polish

Vaperz cloud have not had copper extension stack in stock for the last 7 months so I bought a black one

The vanity ring needs some more work (funny how you don’t notice until it is a high res pic)


I just found some micro mesh on ebay haven’t seen it before so I grabbed some to try out. Cheers