Market Research Study for Vapers in London and Manchester


Company that i work for, Field Scope International, is organising focus groups in both London and Manchester next week.

We are looking people who are using various brands of e-cigarettes and vapers, as well as regular cigarettes.

Study will be done in two parts:

  1. Focus Groups: 30-45 minutes, paid 30-40 pounds
  2. 3-4 weeks of using the devices you’d recieve on focus group, and keeping an online diary. Incentive for this part is 120-180 pounds, and it is no more than 10 minutes per day.

The important part is that all the users need to have Android based phones, as the Application can only be downloaded to android phones.

If interested feel free to apply on our website



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What organization or corporation is paying for this study?


I’d like to know that too, I’m from Manchester but I have little trust for these things.


Hi guys,

Unfortunately we are not able to reveal the name of the sponsor of this study it can produce biased answers during the screening part of the study. The name will be revealed during the process of the market research.

I totally understand that this is a vague answer but feel free to check out the website of my company:, and you’ll see that the company operates by following all the required laws and guidelines.



No not really - if anyone here didn’t like who was sponsoring I dare say they just wouldn’t take part so there would not be a skew in results there would just be no participation level.


No, people tend to do anything in order to get booked and confirmed even for much smaller incentive than 210 pounds.

Anyway, these are the BHBIA guidelines, and even if i would want to do it i am not allowed to reveal the name of the sponsoring company. I cannot think of a single one study I’ve done where the sponsoring company was revealed up front.


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I’m out !!!