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Hello VC! Today I am reviewing for you the Hava One Pod System. Backed by a fairly aggressive social media marketing campaign, newcomer to the vape scene, Hava Hali, are trying to make their name heard. Has Hava Hali hit a homerun with their handheld handiwork? Read below to find out.

I have used the Hava One for 3 weeks now and feel I can give a fair assessment of its quality.

This device was sent to me by Hava Hali for the purpose of a review.

Weight - 99g
Integrated 350mAh Rechargeable Battery
Voltage Output Range: 3.5-4.2V
Three Output Modes
Taste Mode: 3.5V
Powerful Taste Mode: 3.7V
Bypass Mode: 4.2V

Coil Material: Ceramic & Cotton
Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm
2.0mL Capacity Pod - Hidden Behind Front Cover
Zinc Alloy Chassis Construction
Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
Antimicrobial Coating and Finish
Magnetic Front Cover
LED Indicator Light
Smoking Overtime Protection
Low Resistance Protection
Charging Protection
Low Power Protection
Key Touch Protection

MicroUSB Charging ​

Current color options

HAVA ONE Pod System
1.2ohm Ceramic Coil
Silicone Dust-Proof Cover
Silicone Drip Tip
USB Cable
User Manual
Conformity Certificate
HAVA Profile Card
Warning Card
Warranty Card

Under the Hood
Fill Ports
Hand Check

Hava One

A pretty much unknown company, Hava Hali, burst onto the scene with a very aggressive marketing campaign, utilizing social media marketing to get their name heard. Flooded with pics of Hava Hali device, I took an interest in the company to see what they were all about: step in the Hava One. The Hava One is probably the sleekest, sexiest pod device I’ve seen come to the market to date. The One is a flat, pill-shaped deviced that comes with a bit of heft and has a few interesting features. The device itself feels really solid and has a nice, small size to it. The zinc-alloy construction really helps give the device a great feel. However, the coating on the One makes this quite the finger print magnet.

Everything is contained within the One’s sliding magnetic cover, which is a solid piece of metal with a cutout of the logo to view the LED indicator. Remove the cover to expose the pod, on/off/mode select button, LED indicator, and USB port. Having everything covered up definitely improves the styling of the device and makes it look clean, classy, and understated. The cover is held into place by some pretty strong magnets and you have to slide the cover on and off. The only issue here is that you can easily scratch the lip of the device sliding the cover on and off.

Pods are held into place via a spring-loaded connector. Insert the bottom of the pod into the connection and push down on the connector and towards the device to seat the pod. There is a cheap looking plastic ribbon for removing the pod, but I tore mine out because I didn’t care for it. The pods can still be removed without it, it’s just a bit harder. Below where the pod sits is a small button, used to turn the device on/off and to select the firing mode. Five clicks turns the device on/off and 3 clicks while on cycles through the firing modes. Firing modes are indicated by the flashing LED light: Taste Mode (LED blinks white); Powerful Taste Mode (LED blinks green); Bypass Mode (LED blinks blue). A nice design element of the Hava One is that you don’t have to remove the cover to utilize the button. The button activates by pushing on the cover and works really well. It really makes the device seem well thought out and adds that extra bit of class. Right below the button is the LED indicator. Aside from letting you know which mode you are in, the indicator tells you your battery status; White (100-30%), Yellow (< 30%), and Red (0%). The One is a draw-activated device, so no buttons to press when taking a hit. Also contained within the cover is the USB port. While having it located under the cover helps the device maintain its sleekness, it also means you’ll need to remove the cover in order to charge.

The Hava One utilizes two different types of pods: a cotton pod, and a ceramic pod. There is no writing on the pod, but each is indicated by the color of the plastic. The cotton pod is a clear plastic, and the ceramic pod is a smokey plastic. The top of the pods have a fully removable rubber flap that is held into the pods by two protruding nipples. The nipples insert into two fill ports on the pods. I like the two fill ports as it allows the air to escape out one hole while you are filling from the other. This helps to ensure that no bubbles form from the filling hole so you won’t get juice leaking out while you are filling.

A small aside: the Have One also includes two silicon pieces that cover up the mouth piece. One inserts into the air flow tip, while the other covers over about an inch of the device. I’m not really sure why both are needed, but it’s a nice inclusion to help keep debris out of the airflow.

Performance: The draw on the Hava One is a really nice MTL pull. You’re not really going to be able to get a good restricted DTL hit off the device and it really just works better as a MTL device. The modes on the device almost have a very similar feel to them. If it wasn’t for the indicator, I probably wouldn’t really be able to tell which mode I was in. I really wish there was more of a differentiation between the modes. As for coil performance, I got better flavor up front from the ceramic coil, but better flavor, longer from the cotton coil. However, both coils seem to fall dismally short of being able to be considered as having any real lasting flavor. I did seem to find that the flavor last much longer if you’re not chain vaping on them. If you’re taking any more than a few hits in a short amount of time, the flavor just seems to disappear. If you let it sit for a bit, the flavor seems to come back, though. It just seems that the wicking of the pods are able to keep up with any type of demand.​

Final Thoughts

  • Sleek/Sexy/Classy styling
  • Nice weight
  • Small, comfortable size
  • Sliding door hides everything
  • LED indicator
  • Button activates with cover on
  • Different pods
  • Silicon covers


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Sliding cover can scratch device
  • Pod performance (flavor and longevity)

The Hava One could really be a great pod system. It has the looks, size, feel, and features that make it probably one of the best pod systems on paper. However, the coil performance really holds it back from shining. If Hava Hali can improve their pods, then the One would definitely be the best pod system I’ve used (trust me, I’ve used my share of pod devices).


  • Fasttech - $35.99
  • ElementVape - $39.95
  • VaporDNA - $39.99
  • 3fvape - $39.99

Thank you…
…for your attention VC. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!

I want to give another shoutout to Hava Hali for giving me the opportunity to provide this community with this review. If you want to check them out, you can follow them on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Also, if you want to keep up with me, you can follow me on Instagram.

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