Madecat_Vapes Review : Cthulhu Mod and Anthony Vapes Mjölnir RDA

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing for you the Cthulhu Mod & Anthony Vapes Mjölnir RDA! Cthulhu Mod has a history of putting out interesting attys and Anthony_Vapes, well, doesn’t really need an introduction around these parts. So a combined effort between interesting and knowledgeable should yield astounding results, right? Read below for my evaluation.

I have used the Mjölnir RDA for 4 weeks now and feel I can give a fair assessment of its quality.

This product was sent to me from Cthulhu Mod for the purpose of a review.


  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 29.3mm (without drip tip)
  • Coil: Single Coil (up to 4mm ID)
  • Double chamber system to dissipate heat and vape like 20mm rda
  • Side-to-bottom asymmetrical airflow to optimize turbulance
  • 1.8mL juice well
  • Squonk ready

Current color options


  • Mjölnir RDA(with 810 drip tip)
  • 510 drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Spare oring
  • Hex screw
  • Slotted screw
  • Manual


Instaglam 1
Instaglam 2
Drip Tip
Deck 1
Deck 2
Deck 3
Build 1
Build 2

Promotional Pics



Build Deck


Dual Chamber

Mjölnir RDA

The Mjölnir RDA continues Cthulhu Mod’s track record for releasing some pretty interesting attys. I know for me, the Gaia RDTA was one of my favorite RDTAs for a while. And while Cthulhu has created many new attys since then, they haven’t all necessarily been winners. However, I’m sure we can agree they have a knack for nice design aesthetics and for not rehashing the same boring thing over and over. Throw in someone who we know and respect around here who, I feel confident in saying, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to devices and attys, and we have the Mjölnir RDA. A 24mm, single coil, RDA that employs some innovative and interesting design elements, especially when it comes to airflow and chamber size. You would think a 24mm, single-coil atty might not be able to produce some good flavor, but that is not the case with the Mjölnir. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s get into a general overview of the atty.

Drip Tip: The Mjölnir comes with a Goon-style 810 drip tip, a 510 adapter, and a 510 drip tip. Depending on the colorway you got, the 810 is either blue (SS variant) or a swirled black/white (Black variant). Even though the drip tip is 810, the inner diameter is a bit smaller than I would consider to be “standard.” This isn’t a terrible thing, and it definitely helps in reducing spitback, but I prefer an airier draw than the included 810 gives. Using a “standard” 810 gives the atty a bit more airflow and I have preferred to use my other 810’s with it. Another thing I noticed is the “stem” on the included 810 is a mm or 2 shorter than most drip tips, so other tips end up closer to the coil and might possibly have the potential to get toasted by the coil. However, having noticed this, I have just made sure to use drip tips that also have a shorter stem. The other drip tips may never get toasted by the coil, but it’s a bit closer than I’m comfortable with, and so I err on the side of caution.

Top Cap/Barrel: The top cap/barrel of the Mjölnir is pretty unassuming and pleasantly plain. There are a few groves at the top and some micro-knurling towards the bottom and that’s really all. It’s not gaudy and there are no etched characters or logos located on it, which is a huge plus to me. It looks like a high-end atty. On either side of the barrel is a slit for your airflow that lines up with slits in the deck. Airflow is adjusted by twisting the entire top cap either all the way open or all the way closed, and is on a stopper on either end of the adjustment. This is achieved by utilizing notches on the bottom of the deck that line up with groves on the inside of the top cap. I really like attys that do this and “catch” the deck of the RDA as it allows you to easily remove your atty from your device without it just spinning around and around the deck and never unthreading it from your device.

On the inside of the top cap, towards the top is a nice conical shape to help direct airflow better and keep it smooth. The top cap also houses another neat feature: it has a double wall coming down from the top that extends to the top of the airflow holes. This double wall serves two purposes: it helps keep the top cap cool and dissipate heat better, and acts as a chamber reducer for the deck. This is what gives the Mjölnir it’s unique function of being 24mm in diameter but hitting more like a 20mm RDA. You can definitely tell some thought was put into the top cap on this atty.

Build Deck/Airflow: A few other unique features of the Mjölnir deal with the Build Deck and Airflow. The RDA is 24mm in diameter, but is rather taller than most other RDAs in this category. However, due to the way the deck and airflow is designed, it actually works quite well. There is a high-walled well that takes up most of the height of the device and the build deck and airflow sit inside of the wall, with the deck sitting on top. This helps the atty achieve it’s unique airflow system, while also giving it a large juice well and allows the deck to be closer to your drip tip to achieve better flavor. One con associated with the deck being placed so high is if you’re using the Mjölnir as a squonker and run the cotton dry, you have to rely solely on capillary action for the juice to reach the coils, and the juice has a long way to travel before it does.

As stated, the build deck accommodates a single coil, with lead traps on either side of the deck. The lead traps have a groved catch to them making it easy to trap your leads and screws come down on the wire from the top. The deck is done in a way that 3-3.5mm ID coils fit really nicely, and you even have a bit more space to fit up to a 4mm ID coil.

Airflow on the Mjölnir comes in from the side of the build deck, below where the coil sits, and travels down staggered, downward-pitched channels. The airflow channels meet in the center and come up through a hole that sits right beneath the center of the coil. This gives the Mjölnir a side-to-bottom airflow configuration, and while that in itself isn’t revolutionary, the way it is accomplished is. The downward-pitched airflow also has the added benefit of making the Mjölnir more leak resistant than a true bottom airflow atty as the juice has to travel up more for it to leak. It is definitely still possible to leak juice through the airflow, but that’s really only going to happen if you super over-drip/squonk. The staggered channels of the airflow also supposedly make the airflow more smooth. And while I can’t speak to whether or not that’s factually accurate, I can say that the airflow does seem really smooth with minimal turbulence. The airflow isn’t the airiest, especially when using the included drip tip, but it’s definitely sufficient for a single coil atty. It does have a slight bit of restriction to it regardless, but not necessarily to a fault.

Performance: I primarily used a 3.5mm ID alien coil from AVS with the Mjölnir and also threw 2.5mm and 3mm ID AVS claptons in it. The 2.5/3mm ID coils performed fine, and flavor was decent, but the I got the best performance out of the 3.5mm ID coil. Flavor on the RDA is really good imo. However, I did find I got a bit better flavor using my own drip tip rather than the one supplied, and as I previously stated, I liked the airflow better with a different 810. For me, I think this RDA shines better as a dripper just due to how far juice has to travel before hitting the coil. It’s not terrible as a squonking RDA, especially if you stay on top of how saturated your wicks are, but you will have to wait a bit longer before your next puff if you let them run dry. Overall I have been super pleased with how well the RDA performs.

Final Thoughts


  • Includes 810/510 drip tips and a 510 adapter
  • Style
  • Smooth airflow adjustment
  • Notch and groves catch deck allowing for easy removal from devices
  • Conical shape inside top cap
  • Double wall in top cap helps keep it cool
  • Reduced chamber for better flavor
  • Unique airflow
  • Large juice well
  • Deck easy to build
  • Pitched airflow helps with leak resistance
  • Smooth airflow
  • Good flavor


  • Included 810 a bit restricted for my tastes
  • Juice has a long way to travel before reaching coil
  • Personally would have liked a bit more airflow

As I said, overall I am very pleased with how the Mjölnir performs, especially as a dripper. It’s not terrible as a squonker, and you will have no issues as long as you stay on top of your wick saturation, but I personally just like dripping down the center and dumping loads of juice in here. You can definitely tell a lot of thought went into many aspects of the Mjölnir and it really is a refreshing, unique RDA. Definitely love what Anthony_Vapes was able to accomplish with this and I’m looking forward to what he has in store for us in the future (Stormbreaker!?! :D)


  • Efun - $19.99
  • Sourcemore - $24.50
  • Fasttech - $25.30 w/ MAP coupon code
  • 3fvape - $27.59
  • ElementVape - $29.95
  • Cthulhu Shop - $29.99

Thank you…
…for your attention. I hope you all have a great new year!


I want to give another shout out to Cthulhu Mod and Anthony_Vapes for giving me the opportunity to provide the community with this review. If you want to check out Cthulhu Mod, you can follow them on their Facebook or Instagram pages. You all know where to find Anthony_Vapes.


I have been vaping for around 9 years now. I have used various products over the span of that time. I know what I like and I believe at this point I have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. For my review, I’m evaluating these products as to how well they work out the box, their ease of use, and whether or not they hold up over the course of use. I don’t have the skill set to produce thorough testings of the electronics and I defer that to those better suited. This review is purely my experience using the items I received.


Also, if you want to keep up with me, you can follow me on Instagram.



Great review, cheers :+1:

Have a great new year too!

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Very nicely done review :ok_hand: I still haven’t picked one if these up, single coilers aren’t really my thing but that’s 2 good reviews I’ve seen now, kinda tempted :grin: thanks for sharing :+1:


Very much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


I usually don’t go for single coil myself, but it’s been quite surprising.


Great review!

I have 2 of them now in my rotation, currently using them both to try out 2 different mixes to see which I prefer.

Your points about the drip tip and squonking are what I experienced as well. I have been using both as drippers for the most part. Put a big 3.5mm build in it and it can chuck, my favorite build too :+1:


Thanks for the read, buddy!

Yeah, it’s quite the great RDA. Flavor is really nice and it holds a ridiculous amount of juice. Definitely a win for Cthulhu and Anthony Vapes.