Lost Vape URSA Quest Kit Review by Aliraonz

This time I am reviewing the Ursa Quest Multi Kit, sent to me by Lost Vape. This is what I call a MacGyver kit, you will see why very soon. Once again, I am happy to share once again my personal opinions with our vaping community.
First some information taken from Lost Vape website. Picture attached.

Here is the link in case you want to know more:

Inside the Box

• Lost Vape Ursa Quest Mod
• Ursa Pro Pod with 810 Drip tip – Capacity 7ml
• Ursa Pod with 510 Drip tip - Capacity 6ml
• 510 Adaptor
• UB Pro P1 Coil 0.15ohm – Rated for 70-90W (for use with Ursa Pro Pod)
• UB M4 Coil 0.2ohm – Rated for 40-60W (for use with Ursa Pod)
• Airflow Control Base (Pre-installed)
• 18650 Battery Adaptor
• Spare O-rings
• Type C USB Cable
• Warranty Card
• User manual

As extras I also received:

  • UB Pro P3 Coil 0.3ohm (SS904) – Rated for 60-70W/260-290C/500-550F (for use with Ursa Pro Pod)
  • UB M2 Coil 0.2ohm – Rated for 20-28W (for use with Ursa Pod)
  • UB MTL Coil 1.0ohm – Rated for 8-15W (for use with Ursa Pod)
  • UB Pro RBA Deck – DIY Resistance Range 0.15-0.3 ohm (for use with Ursa Pro Pod)


The URSA Quest Kit is the latest entry to the Quest series from Lost Vape, it has a zinc alloy frame with either genuine leather or solid wood to form an elegant and stunning kit. It offers Ukiran, Crocodile, Embossed leather (the latest is a limited-edition series) and Wood Series. Mine is the SS Purple-Heart Wood.

Info Gif colour change

It offers a new generation of the Quest chip with additional three boost levels, two vape styles and three user records for a highly customised vaping experience. The URSA Quest kit gives a maximum power of 100W, larger capacity pods, a 510 adaptor which can take up to 30mm tanks without overhang, and a new series of coils (UB Pro Coils) and a larger RBA coil. The mod can take one 21700, or 20700 and 18650 with the battery adaptor.

At the top we have the pod. At the front it has at the top one of two buttons to unlock the pod/510 adaptor, under that we have a big and clickly fire button, a 0.96” TFT colour screen, below the screen are the up/select/down buttons and the USB C port. On one side at the top is the airflow control ring, the purple-heart wood and at the bottom left side “Lost Vape” branding, at the back at the top is the other button to unlock the pod/510 adaptor. On the opposite side it has airflow control ring, the purple-heart wood and at the bottom right side “URSA Quest” branding. At the bottom it has a screw one battery door with vents, and it has clear markings for battery polarity. I just wish the minus sign would have been coloured.

The URSA has a two buttons release/clip system with spring loaded clips which secure the pods and 510 adaptor in place. The connector in between the spring-loaded clips is a proprietary one, it has an excellent connection with the pod and the 510 adaptor.

To release the pod or 510 adaptor you must press both buttons at the same time and to place a pod or 510 adaptor hold them together and press down the pod/adaptor to make sure they click in place.

NOTE: The user should make sure it is connected properly, if you see any gap press the button and push down the pod/510 adaptor until there is none. I did see a gap on one side, it still worked fine but I like to play it safe, so I made sure to push down that side until there was no gap at all.

In saying so this could be a problem of the pre released versions and it might not be an issue with the retail ones.

Also, worth mentioning that the kit comes with only one airflow control base which screw on the pod, so if you want to swap pods between the Ursa Pro pod and Ursa pod you need to unscrew the airflow control base and screw it onto the other pod. It would have been great if they provided one for each pod in the kit.

The display on the mod is simple, bright, and easy to use. Love the select button which eliminate the need to use the fire button for selecting options.
To on and off the mod press fire button five times.

To change between the menu options, you press the select button, once what the user wants to change is highlighted in red (mode interface) using the up or down button you can move between the different options on the screen, if power is selected, press select again and using the up and down will give the following options:

• Power – 5W to 100W
• Bypass
• Voltage
• NI (TC)
• TI (TC)
• SS316 (TC)
• SS904 (TC)

Once in the mode interface if you press the select button will move to the options under each one, up and down buttons to change for example temperature. To exit the mode interface, press the select button.

If back to the main menu using the select button and user there three different personalised settings can be saved and retrieved at any time.

In the main menu, once the Pod is highlighted red you can change it to mod and use the 510 adaptor. Also, you can change the boost mode from Soft to Normal or Hard. If you select settings, you will see the following:

• Atomizer – Information
• Screen – Adjust brightness
• User – Set three user records to provide a highly customised vaping experience
• Reset
• About – Firmware Version
• Back

If buttons up and down are pressed at the same time it locks and unlock the device while the mod is still able to fire.

Ursa Pods

The URSA Ques comes with two pods Ursa Pro Pod (7ml) with 810 Drip tip and the Ursa Pod (6ml) with 510 Drip tip, uses press fit coils and it has a rubber plug on the side of the pods to fill, the fill port is large so I didn’t experience any problem filling the pods. If the user wants to use their own can fit those drip tips with O-rings on them.

The adjustable airflow base screw on at the base of the pods. The pods are slightly tinted but I can still see the juice level, it can be harder with low light or at night.

The coils provided including the extras are:

  • UB Pro P1 Coil 0.15ohm – Rated for 70-90W (for use with Ursa Pro Pod)
  • UB M4 Coil 0.2ohm – Rated for 40-60W (for use with Ursa Pod)
  • UB Pro P3 Coil 0.3ohm (SS904) – Rated for 60-70W/260-290C/500-550F (for use with Ursa Pro Pod)
  • UB M2 Coil 0.2ohm – Rated for 20-28W (for use with Ursa Pod)
  • UB MTL Coil 1.0ohm – Rated for 8-15W (for use with Ursa Pod)

Always remember to prime coils first, press fit the coil into the base, then screw on the airflow base, fill with juice of your choice, and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Just to make sure the coil is fully saturated.

I used first the UB Pro coils, this are mostly DL coils, at those high watts the vape became too warm for my liking. In saying so the flavour was excellent and for sure both are cloud room fillers.

With the UB coils (which are used in previous devices like Orion, Gemini and Thelema), there is a wider wattage range available, so I could use and adjust the airflow with the knob to my require airflow for a not to warm RDL. They are good but flavour wise the UB Pro coils have the edge here. The UB Coil 1.0ohm is the only MTL coil, I am not a MTL vaper, but I will call it a loose MTL.

Both coils series are great, but I prefer the UB Series so far, mainly because these coils allowed me to vape at lower wattage with a cooler vape.

UB Pro RBA Deck and 510 Adaptor

The 510 adaptor will allow you to use this device as a mod and attach any tank of your choice up to 30mm, well-constructed, solid and with Lost Vape branding on both visible sides.

The UB Pro RBA deck came with a 510 adapter to build on, test resistance, dry burn and get rid of hot spots (this is great to see), also came with two premade coils, spare O-rings, additional screws and two shoelace cotton strips.

This DIY coil is a single coil RBA it features bottom airflow, the provided coils is 3mm ID, I made sure the coil was centre over the bottom airflow and slightly raised, dry burned and got rid of any hot spots, then I used one of the provided shoelace cottons, cut to the bottom edge of the wicking ports (blue O-ring), thinned the wicks by fluffing them. Wet them to get it started, placed the top threaded ring. I am now using this RBA deck on the Ursa Pro pod. Wicks great, no dry hits and I can control better the wattage and airflow I want to satisfy my vaping style. Great flavour and plenty clouds.

I have to say this RBA was easy to build on and is an excellent choice if you don’t have stock coils or prefer to build your own.

URSA Quest Kit


  • As always excellent construction and finish.
  • The new chipset is fast and very responsive.
  • Fast firing up to 100W.
  • Takes 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries (with adaptor).
  • Menu is colourful, easy to see and use with plenty options to suit all users.
  • Two pods – UB Pro and UB pod.
  • 510 adaptor – turn the device into a mod and it can take up 30mm tanks.
  • Available RBA coil – Easy to build on.
  • Coils have excellent flavour.
  • Versatile and compatibility with previous coils which is very convenient.
  • Airflow control.
  • Select button.
  • A wide variety of coils available.
  • Can use other 810 and 510 drip tips with O-rings.
  • No leaks.


  • Only one airflow base included since there are two pods two airflows would have been ideal.
  • Sometimes when fitting the pods, it might be a slight gap.

In conclusion, I would really recommend Lost Vape Ursa Quest Kit, is a very versatile device (a MacGyver kit). Stunning looking mod with several designs to please every vaper in term of taste. It has plenty of accessories to cover a wide range of vaping styles and preferences, pod/mod, and a several coils available including an RBA coil which I love. We all know how Lost Vape produce gorgeous looking mods and this is no exception. Well done.

I would like to thank Chloe from Lost Vape for sending this amazing device for me to review and share with the community.


Great review @Aliraonz. Pictures, details, descriptions…


Excellent review. At first I did a double take and thought it was a modified Grus. Still not sure it’s not based on that design but looks good I think.


Thanks @SessionDrummerthat why it takes awhile to write them up :wink:


I agree, I have the Grus up for review too. It does look similar, this one is a bit bulkier and the interface looks different. Will be interesting to compare performance when I fully try the Grus not that I’m an expert like some very talented people including an Ogre around VC


I enjoyed your review very good and bang on the money. The URSA is a clever concept actually it appeals to both the enthusiast who will build on it and also those who still are to dip their toes in the building waters. This device could push some of those into the building arena. I sell both of the mods and if you havnt done the Grus yet its pretty much the same mode but without the ability to have the pod system in it. The 510 addaption part is fitted and thats it. Ive tested both of them and the ramp up on the Grus is slightly faster thats all and that might be because its connection is better.

I hope you enjoy reviewing the Gurs and good on Lost vape to bring out high end mid priced mods. This brings them into a new market and the mod sure beats the likes of smok Its so solid and feels well built which it is.


Super review!


Could you please tell me whether I should buy a RBA deck for it or should I save up for an RTA? And is there any significant difference between them? I am really confused about it and it’d be a great help :grin:

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