Lost Vape Centaurus B80+RBA Review


This one is going to be complicated, this kit came with parts that I’m still not 100% what to do with…

Product overview

The Lost Vape Centaurus B80 is a Zinc alloy, Boro compatible (YMMV) 80w, 18650 device that comes with a rebuildable RBA and a pod-style tank that takes Lost Vape’s range of UB Ultra coils.

What do you get?

  • Centaurus B80 Device
  • Centaurus Boro tank/RBA
  • UB AIO Pod
  • 1x0.15ohm UB Ultra coil
  • 1x0.2ohm UB Ultra coil
  • 510 adapter
  • Spares and tools

First impressions

After having a couple of Pulse AIOs, having something in metal (apart from the panels) is very nice; the overall build quality feels good but there are a couple of issues with the design;

  • the clear plastic panels are fingerprint magnets, however it’s not overly noticeable when the panels are on the device.
  • it’s better suited to left-handed vapers like me, when you use your right hand and thumb-fire, the palm of your hand can partially block the airflow on the front panel. If you use your index finger, this isn’t an issue.

Three things that I didn’t quite understand;

  • One of the drip-tips is a two part affair, where the outer part isn’t fixed and it rotates. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but it’s strange. Fortunately, regular 510 drip-tips fit just fine and one is supplied.
  • There’s tube that I have no idea what to do with. Maybe it narrows the bore of the RBA or allows different stock-coils to be used in the AIO pod? Either way, I haven’t used it and everything works just fine.
  • There are two screw-in disks. After intensive googling, I think they are designed to screw onto the airflow pins of certain Boro bridges to help with compatibility. Again, I haven’t used them and everything works just fine.


It’s a bare-bones chipset with the following functions:

  • Five clicks - on/off
  • Fire+left – reset puff count
  • Fire+right – lock the wattage (this didn’t seem to work for me – maybe a firmware update is required
  • Three clicks to switch between normal mode (this limits the wattage automatically for stock coils) and RBA mode (this allows full wattage adjustment)


I wasn’t about to spend a long time testing this AIO pod as I was far more interested in what the RBA offers, however as with most Lost Vape stock-coils, it does give good flavor and decent vapor production.

RBA build

This is the part of the review that I was looking forward to the most…

The build is extremely straight forward, remove the base of the tank which is held in place with an O-ring, attached the supplied 510 adapter and screw it into a mod. Securing the coil is simple, and the coil legs do not require pre-cutting.

I cut my wick very slightly outside of the base, fluffed a little dropped them into the wicking slots. The wicking slots are quite small and suit the amount of cotton you will get with a 2.5mm coil. Use a 3.0mm coil and you’ll probably need to thin the cotton a fair bit.

RBA performance

  • 27g Fused Clapton 2.5mm 0.34ohm - I messed up a little and only ended up with four wraps, but it suited this RBA very well. This isn’t an MTL coil, so I ignored the smaller airflow pins and went with the 3.0mm pin. For such a little coil, this build performs really well. From 30-40w, the flavor was really good – far better than some single-coil RTAs. This surprised me, I wasn’t expecting a ‘free’ RBA to be this good.

I did try an MTL build in this RBA, but wasn’t overly impressed – it was merely okay. However, when it comes to restricted DL, I’m in love with this thing.

RBA airflow

You have the choice of 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0mm airflow pins, while they are effective, they are a little noisy.

Boro compatibility

The only other tank I have to test in here is the Pulse Vessel, which worked just fine. As far as other Boro tanks go, I’m assuming some will work and some won’t.


At just over $40, the Centaurus B80 is something of a bargain. The device is solid and easy to use (but biased towards lefties), the pod tank does its job, if that’s your thing, and the RBA is pretty much awesome.


The Lost Vape Centaurus B80 was supplied for the purposes of this review by Sourcemore. For a short period of time they are selling it for $40.99.


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