Lorex 2K WIFI Doorbell Camera Testing!

OK, and now for something COMPLETELY different. I’m sure many of you have video doorbells, and some even may have camera systems like I do. Probably heard about some of the “shady” tactics of Amazon and their Ring devices, and privacy concerns.

I have a rackmount 4K POE cam Pro System from Lorex, and decided to test out their BRAND NEW 2K WIFI Doorbell. Thus far, for LESS than $200.00, it blows away the competition COMBINED. NO contract, no paid monitoring or charges for “cloud recording”. Nope, nadda, NONE. You can CHOOSE to hook to Amazon/Google, OR, you can stay off-grid, and use the on-board micro SSD card to save, and view videos, right to your smart phone.

  • Super Easy Install
  • Onboard microSSD card for archive and playback
  • Dual band 2.4/5 WIFI networking
  • Chime Kit for mechanical chime units
  • Angle wedge mount shims included
  • Night Light
  • Siren/Alarm
  • 3 video resolutions, 2K the maximum
  • Two independent motion detect types, i.e. Motion, Person Detect
  • Alerts sent can choose to send thumbnails, or exclude to save time/bandwidth
  • Microphone/Speaker loud and clear
  • Can send pre-saved (or custom) audio responses to doorbell
  • One click “Privacy Mode” ceases ALL video/audio if needed.
  • Time view indexing for EASY event playback
  • Add/Remove recipients for events with ease
  • Ability to shift to different network without uninstalling
  • Built in WIFI speedtest

So far, extensive testing has proved this unit to be fully READY for PrimeTime.




I was hesitant when I saw all the “features” @SmilingOgre, but if anyone knows how to put tech through the crunch, it’s me.

Thus far, I have been slamming it at the highest res, with notifications and thumbnails, and even connected to the 5 band WIFI, and it just doesn’t seem to want to BREAK, no matter what I try. Obviously many people will have to push it to the 2.4 band, maybe trim thumbnails on notification depending on their bandwidth to the device.

So far, pretty impressed from my Canadian friends at Lorex.


Sweet find!!! Obviously Lorex has come a long way. I had an early system that was wireless with two cameras and a dedicated monitor. It did pretty good lasting about five years before the monitor went out. I have a Vivant system at present and it’s pretty good except all monitoring happens via the web and that is not real reliable and has a huge delay. When I first got they system I could answer the doorbell via my ipad at work. Now the visitor is long gone by the time I get the ipad to link up.


I apologize that this is tangential but my Ogre mind works like that. My tech “Snag-O-Da-Week” is a Western Digital Mycloud NAS. Two drive units with two 4TB drives in a raid configuration. Can map as a network drive. Works over ethernet and of course wifi as an extension. Can also access via web from wherever. Can send links or set up shared folders for specific users. May just drop dropbox altogether. Pretty slick stuff.


Well they partnered with FLIR a while back, and how now split, but that merger (or whatever it was) added a lot to their game @SmilingOgre.

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[quote=“SmilingOgre, post:4, topic:4722”]
May just drop dropbox altogether.
[/quote]Hell yes !!!

Have you ever used a NAS before ??

There ARE very slick. Don’t skimp on your UPS for it. :slight_smile:


My first NAS. So far I’m pretty positively impressed.


Love my NAS could not live without it but as SD mentioned make sure you have a decent UPS a unexpected power interruption can cause a world of pain.
I am gradually switching over to 8TB drives


Holy Crap!!! That is a shit load of data!!! Looks like I’m the last one to the party, lol. I just put 1T on it and freed up a lot of space on both my desktop and laptop data drives. Plenty of space for Sandy to start storing her stuff for sure.


@woftam and @SessionDrummer ,

I apologize up front, I’m being lazy. What do ya’ll think about a 1000VA, 600Watt unit? Enough or am I being skimpy?


Should be enough mate I run 3 computers and monitors/ router off a Smart-UPS 3000 RM and the load is next to nothing.


Groove!!! Thanks!


@SmilingOgre, I don’t know that particular NAS, but having a backup UPS should be a given to protect your data. Size is important, BUT, you may want to consider controlled shutdowns as well.