Let's all say thanks


This is the traditional time of year for giving so I suggest that everyone thank Grubby and Pugs for providing us this forum. I can think of no better way than making a donation. Nuff said.


This is a great forum. Thanks Grubby and Pugs!!!


Thank you @mrpipes very kind of you, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and stays safe, should be a good one here this year :beers:


Well said. I sort of assumed that just my presence here was thanks enough, but I think your idea is better.


Dumbo here can’t find the PP link.


The update removed it from the forum

Use the link below to donate


OK, done. Way to guilt us all in, @mrpipes!!


Thanks!! Your donation goes a long way to supporting the Vaping Community and ensures it can stay running. :beers:


Should have before this, especially after finally seeing all the awesome work you’ve done on the calculator side.


Added the link back to the forum header :+1:


Ah yes, I knew I’d seen it before. Cheers, hope others follow suit.


Thank you Grubby and Pugs for having the best Vaping forum.


I said thanks!