Let’s talk Guitars!


Yes. I produced hundreds of handcrafted instruments, electric and acoustic, over a 25 year period as well as repairing, restoring, and doing custom inlay work. My guitars are characterized by what people deemed my “two birds kissing” headstock.

Heaven Gifts Problem (solved)


Maximum I ever did to follow my dream was taking a year break from the hi-tech industry and working as a tech in a guitar store (i can do killer setups and minor repairs)

I also ‘built’ a few guitars for myself and friends as long as ordering parts from warmoth and assembling them can be called building :slight_smile:


I too walked away from industry 'high level"servitude so I fully understand. Warmoth makes good products and gives a lot of options such as different fretwires and neck shapes etc so I’m sure they are nice guitars and a very good way to find what works best for an individual. Everything I did were essentially one off’s but making acoustic guitars is really my first love in the business.


Can’t resist my favorite subject. Imagine stumbling into your workshop half awake and reaching into a sound-hole to start work and instead grabbing a ball of fur. I damned near jumped out of my skin. :laughing:


If I fitz I sitz


Fantastic work!


Awe, Little stinker gonna help?


Thought about making a label that said inspected by Tubby-his name. Laughed till my insides hurt.


What a bi-line!!! With that pic!! Gotta put that in your shop. That is classic!!!


You made instruments for The Stray Cats? Legend!!


Damn fine work👌 what kind of wood is that?


It’s figured Redwood Sequoia/ giant redwood which is nearly impossible to obtain in this quality, if at all. I bought a quantity of it from the estate of a man who felled and harvested it . The markings say 1962. I’m more of an instrument quality wood dealer than anything else now that I have retired. Thanks, it really is a beautiful wood.


It almost looks marbled, I was thinking some exotic species. Absolutely gorgeous man! Ever thought about doing wood box mods? Maybe some pearl inlays or foil? That would be awesome!


I wish I could sit still long enough to accomplish something like that.


A good friend of mine builds violins and cellos. most of the work is waiting for the glue to dry :slight_smile: (joking of course). The amount of craftsmanship that goes into a good acoustic instrument is astounding


I can’t even imagine…


I used to hang out at his place a lot and help out with odd jobs here and there and had the time of my life. I even helped with two guitars he built for his son.

The solid body electric he built was relatively easy. It’s basically a slab of wood.

The archtop he built was a whole different story. Carving the top and the back took at least three weeks, and hand varnish and polish took almost 2 months. Needles to say, the istrument he built is something I still drool over when I see it :slight_smile:


I have kicked the idea around with the box mod thing but have pretty much rejected it. The technology changes so fast that I’d hate to invest that kind of time into something that would have obsolete electronics in a year or so. But the temptation is there and I have hoarded exotic woods and other materials for a very long time. Most has been resawn and processed into instrument sets and the really bad thing is that I have thrown away enough small pieces as scrap that would build a ton of mods.


It’s definitely an amazing skill to have. An art form for sure…


Wish I had it as well :slight_smile: