Let me start with a little shameless advertisement

I will begin with the fact that I was asked to do this :slight_smile:

I run a little community website that is mostly geared toward Israeli vapers, but since I really hate typing in Hebrew, the site is all in English


Part of the service that my site provides is a list of active vaping giveaways that you can find at:


Note that there are no referral links, nor am I affiliated with any of the giveaways listed there (i do participate in most of them). The list is updated daily (all by hand) and if any of you are aware of a giveaway that is not listed, do send me a note and I will add it (without your referal link of course)

Any contributions to the site are highly appreciated as well :slight_smile:

ps. donโ€™t laugh at me if you read some of the older reviews I wrote there. I honestly didnโ€™t know better back then :smiley:


Thanks for this, much appreciated :wink:


Anytime! After all, the more people visit my page the happier my google analytics account gets :smiley: