Lemmy - Ace of Spades By Rocky02852

This leapt out and landed on my “Must Try Recipies” list. :boom:

Not just because it sounds delicious, but because it took me way, way back to Saturday 28th March 1981, the now defunct Queen’s Hall in Leeds, and the second gig I ever attended.

Half the crowd were pogoing punks, the rest were headbanging ‘greasers’, all under the sweeping lights from the Bomber light rig that hovered above the stage. :airplane: :bomb: :flashlight:

Loudest gig I’ve ever been too, and there have been many over the years. My ears were still ringing 3 days later. :hear_with_hearing_aid:

By far the best Motörhead album, and line up.
“No Sleep…” is a close second.

Feel rather honoured now, that I attended a little bit of metal history. Had no idea at the time of it’s significance. :medal_military:

Right place, right time.


Ace of Spades Is my fav, I play that song all the time and it never gets old! this mix was a tribute to Lemmy👌
Now as far as the recipe, I originally mixed this for a friend but I liked it so much it’s always in my rotation, really enjoy this one!
I posted this public as Originally mixed
Just a heads up, for myself in this I use the Super Sweet at 0.32% (which is high for me but works well here) and that is where I would start if your like me and don’t like very sweet mixes😉