Last two pieces of the puzzle

I’ve proved to myself that I can switch from cigs to vaping.

I’ve got my mod and RTA. I’ve built (with pre-formed coils) and wicked and got decent results.

The last two parts of the puzzle for me are:

  1. Building my own coils.
    - to save money
    - to get wider (ID) and longer coils.
    - switch to ss316 to allow TC mode

    Having played with a coil calculator for a while, I’m thinking that SS316 28 AWG, 7 turns at 4mm ID will give me the ~1Ω I favour, be easier to wick and work well in TC mode.

    Thoughts, suggestions, corrections invited.

  2. Juice.

    I’ve tried a variety of 50/50 tobacco/methol flavoured @1.2%, 1.8% & 2.0%.
    I don’t like the sweet ones.
    I’m convinced that I need the 18/20 mg juices.
    I’ve found I can buy flavourless ‘nic salts’ a lot cheaper than pre-flavoured stuff.

    Is there anything I can add to this to add some (simple) flavour without diluting it too much?



Not sure you know about the calculator or not but there are a bunch of recipes there

You could also try out some of the oneshots available at chefs to ease yourself into mixing


The moment I see stuff about cupcakes, cookies, and strawberry shortcake I’m outta there :grimacing:

From what I’ve read, the moment you add a 10ml 2.0% nic shot to a 50ml flavouring, your down to 0.6% nic; which would be pointless for me at this stage.




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Oneshots are just the flavours you add PG/VG/NIC and you have a complete finished juice. I would suggest that since you are MTL you may need a little more flavouring than the recommended % it is something you will have to test yourself.

A few of us here have oneshots at chefs
Epic Shots – Chefs Flavours LTD @Nevans Nick Evans @Nevans Nick Evans again @FlavorChaser Laura Me @Sheerluck_Ohms Liam @TamVapes Tammy
Twisted Imagination – Chefs Flavours LTD @Sheerluck_Ohms Liam again @lukeloop Luke


Since you are mixing yourself and using the calculator you can use what ever % you wish and it will calculate the % with your desired Nic that way there is no dilution of the flavour at all. I am sure that there is something for you in the oneshot area
Dean Taylor @Elvaperino does a few tobacco mixes Sasq Shots – Chefs Flavours LTD


and use the filters at the top to narrow it down some

Then just buy the flavours you need to make it and job done


Either I am misunderstanding you or I’m not being clear. None of those links go anywhere I’m interested in going.

Ie. (first link) honeycombe custard, stawmelon slushie MWAH! None of this interests me.
(last link) "A solid tobacco base overlaid with a smorgasbord of unctuous dessert flavours, seductively blended for your pleasure. " – only the first 4 words hold any interest for me.


But, if mix a batch of whatever flavour and then add the nic shot, the nic shot is diluted. The stongest nic shot I can buy is 2%. I want to stay at 2%. Mixing it with anything dilutes it.

Am I making an ass of myself here?


I am giving you options to mix your own - I do not know what you like it is up to you to find something you like. You have to do the leg work and find something you are interested in tasting

The oneshots are just flavours not finished juice so when you mix it you can mix it at whatever strength you like flavour wise or nic wise. You asked for options and I am giving you some


That is how it is in the UK you can buy 72mg nic you just have to hunt around for it


That’s the missing piece of the puzzle. I thought the 20mg/ml and 10ml bottles were a strictly enforced limit.
With the “72mg” clue, I found what I need. Thanks.