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Yeah @SessionDrummer, I was looking at the QL 810 but think it was around 130 bucks and couldn’t swing it atm. Always had good performance with the Brother and that’s what we use at work, when I’m ready to upgrade that’s the one I want. For now the little one I got is working out better than expected and I like that it’s cord free :ok_hand:


Understood @Rocky02852. No one printer for everyone, for sure. How we print, and what we print makes all the difference. I seldom print one or two, but print in batches, and the software that came with mine, works pretty good. I never print from my cell, but from my dedicated mixing laptop, and nothing’s finer than batch loading while mixing, and let it just shoot them out. I do feel stupid paying extra for all the precut labels at first, but glad I ended up switching to the continuous tape. Only use what you need, etc. Granted you can get a wired version for much cheaper, because of how the mixing cave it setup, I knew the spot where it had to go, and that made the WIFI feature manditory for me.

I can’t tell you how many labels I’ve shot out of that thing, but haven’t had a single failure, jam, etc., and it’s fast as hell.


I have been using the DK-22212 white film tape as opposed to the standard paper tape (DK-22205). The film is liquid resistant so is ideal for our creations. The downside is the film only comes in 15m (50ft) rolls. It super expensive if I get the genuine Brother brand $60 USD per roll (in New Zealand). I purchase my label rolls off AliExpress and pay $22.60 USD for 2 x 15m rolls of generic compatible film. Works perfectly.



That’s what I use. It’s good but the labels I have (came with it) tend to leave residue and half the label on the bottle… :unamused::woozy_face:


Grab the clear plastic ones Ian- they are a little more pricy but come off clean the label code is SD99013 36mm x 89mm 260 labels


Thanks mate, will check them out. Got mine off EBay some time ago and it came with 15 rolls of labels. Unfortunately they are all the paper type ones.


Reviving this topic.

@MixedUpKiwi, @Rocky02852

Somebody asked me why I bought the QL710w. Maybe it was @TimWV, I can’t remember, hehe, I get a lot of questions. Basically WIFI, and batch printing …


Hi @Eddie - Please let me add my vote for the Brother P-Touch. I’ve had mine for 15 years(?) and can still buy label stock in multiple colors, widths, and lengths. Here in the US, Staples and Office Depot still carry the label stock, and you can buy them in multi-packs too, which saves money. Two things about the P-Touch:

  1. The print is large unless you press “return” which makes it a two-line label. This keeps the label short and conserves material.
  2. The P-Touch comes pre-set to eject about one inch of label following a print, which is waste - re-set this to zero to conserve material.
    The labels peel off fairly easily - I love mine and as you can see, I use it all the time. I also use rechargeable batteries (mine takes six AAAs), so this saves on batteries tremendously. Good Luck @Eddie!