L200 shutting down after acting strangely

Less than 3 months old, my classic vape is shutting down after a minute or so. If I press the power button, the screen brightness % descends rapidly. If I press the + button, the wattage jumps to 200W then descends rapidly to 5w, then sutting down.

After a few emails etc, Geekvape are sending a new one but that will to 30 days and might incur customs duty.

In the meantime, I’d like to try fixing it. I’ve already checked the soldering on the battery terminals.

Any other ideas?



You got juice on the board most likely, the best you can do is pull it apart and wipe down with rubbing alcohol


Same thing happened with one of my DnA squonkers, it might be fried most of the time though


Thanks guys, I’ll try that.


Mine has a rubberised jacket. The only video for dismantling I could find was for a different L200 that does not have this. I have remoced the transparent film but cannot see how to remove the next layer to reveal the circuit board.


Well, I’ve broken it. I think it might slide out after removing the battery door (which probably needs the pin driving out). I didn’t see any spilled oil on the circuit board though. I’ll just have to use disposables until the replacement arrives. I hope that one works. Just bad luck.


It’s always annoying when a mod fails: I’ve probably lost almost a grand to them.

Personally, I’d suggest researching or asking about the longevity of a mod before buying.

Many of us here love specific mods as we like the style, and them being reliable workhorses. I am one of the group who has armouries stocked with Gaurs.


Sorry to hear that man, a lot of the time mods can’t handle the moisture. Even with the gaskets, used to have quite the grave yard at one point from mods just failing. With tanks there will always be condensation, most of it out of the airflow but I found sometimes from the pin at the bottom. I figure it’s because little by little the juice thins out from the head and then expands and little by little comes out of the bottom. Even having juice on the solder can cause issues.

I think for the most part it’s good to have tanks to swap out and always dry out the 510 (female) part of the mod in between. But moving parts, electric parts and moisture usually work against each other…. I have about 4 dna 60 devices that are needing new boards


Thanks again. If the replacement doesn’t last long, I’ll post a comment.