Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Techmod 80W TC Side by Side Box Mod from Kizoku. The Techmod was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Tina from Kizoku.



Kizoku are one of the newest vaping manufacturers who introduced themselves initially with colourful high end 510 stands and fancy drip tips before introducing the Kirin, a mosfet semi mechanical 18350/18650 tube device that i liked that much i bought one in each colour. The Kit also introduced an idea already copied by my good friends at Voopoo in the form of pods that fit into a 510 adaptor which has adjustable airflow, only the airflow control works much better on the Kirin pod tank and also allows for a standard 510 to be used.

We then had the Limit RTA which is paired with the Techmod in the Kit version and i did receive it separately but will be giving that a much deserved separate review. That brings us to the release of the sleek, clean looking Techmod and the innovative Unlimit RTA which is a bit 007 and a product i hope to get to review in the future.

Kizoku products are manufactured in China but are designed in Japan and do offer a little something different in design. The Techmod is a Side by Side which offers a clean looking, high quality option to the latest trend in the market offering Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, Bypass and full TC suite, let’s give this little gem a good look!

In The Box



1x Type-C Charging Cable
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Techmod came in cardboard box packaging with a sample sticker on the front so the retail packaging may differ but i doubt it. I received the Black version, the options are Black, White, Black Gun Metal or Gun Metal.

The Techmod is a very compact side by side device with the lower front having a 5 degree outwards slant which is made much of in the marketing and i must say this is such a comfortable device to hold leaving the thumb in the perfect position to fire the Stainless Steel side fire button. That 5 degree slant gives the Techmod a really nice aesthetic form factor and the device is also very sleek and clean looking. Made of a Zinc Alloy main chassis and with Stainless Steel front panel, battery tube and screw plate, buttons and 510 plate the all metal affair does have some weight to it but it’s so compact it’s not going to weigh your pocket down it’s just a solid well made device.

The 22mm stainless Steel 510 plate is raised but the gap with 24mm tanks doesn’t seem to look so out of place than is the case on standard devices. You are limited as with most of these side by side mods to 24mm tanks but the Techmod does have a fraction to spare so those “large” 24mm tanks that are actually a fraction bigger will fit no problem. We have a Gold plated, spring loaded 510 with a looser than average throw and for more aesthetic details see the included photos!




Techmod Specs and Features:

Size: 78 x 49 x 24mm
Wattage Range: 0-80W
Output Voltage: 1.0v-8.0v
Input Voltage/Current: 5V/2A
Battery Type: 1 x 18650 (not included)
Screen: 0.91 inch
Charging: Type-C
Connection: 510
Materials: Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy
4 classic & attractive colour options
Wide compatibility with most atomizers
Unique ergonomic design of 5 degree bevel
24mm ultra-thin body
Highly reliable materials - SS304 & zinc alloy
Multiple battery protections for safe vaping
Colours: Black, White, Black Gun Metal, Gun Metal



Fitting The Battery

Of course being a side by side device one side is the battery tube with a threaded plate that screws down into the threading for a tight fit. We have the positive orientation clearly marked at the bottom or the tube and negative on the underside of the plate.

It can be a bit fiddly to get the threading to catch when screwing the battery plate in position to secure the battery which can take a few seconds or even longer sometimes (but only a few swear words passed my lips). Once it catches though the threading is nice and smooth and if just a little patience is needed when installing a battery is about the only issue then overall i am a happy camper!


The Display

The Techmod has a basic old school display which is at a 5 degree slant to match the front slant of the device. It is very bright and well laid out, in the central section we have accented areas top and bottom, top is where the mode is displayed and bottom is the resistance. I have never known something so important as the resistance being so clearly displayed using a decent sized font before, a little detail but i like it a lot.

To the left of the display we have the wattage when in Power mode which instead is voltage when in Variable Voltage, voltage and amps when in Bypass and temperature when in TC. In the right area of the display we have a battery status bar top (wish it was also given as a percentage) and below your puff duration, but no puff counter!


Navigating The Techmod

The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and five clicks to turn off and once on holding both navigational buttons down together locks and unlocks those buttons but the device will still fire.

It has a very simple menu system so no bells and whistles such as curves but all the modes you would expect. Three clicks of the fire button highlights the mode and then using the navigational buttons you can scroll through the mode options which are Power, Voltage, Bypass, Temp Ni, Temp Ti and Temp SS, pressing the fire button selects the mode and takes you to the selected mode working screen.

In Voltage mode it will adjust from 1.0V to 8.0V in 0.01 increments but holding the button down switches to 0.1 increments and it does round robin. Wattage adjusts from 5W to 80W in 0.1W increments which switches to 1W increments when holding the button down and again it round robins. Finally temperature goes from 100 degree Celsius to 300 degree Celsius then moves to Fahrenheit where it can be adjusted from 200 degrees to 572 degree before it round robins back to 100 degree Celsius. With only using easy TC modes such as Replay and Smart TC i am not sure how much of an issue it will be to TC users but there is no way of setting wattage for temp control at least non that i can find!


Protections Include:

Over-heat Protection
Overcurrent Protection
Low Voltage Protection



So as ever i don’t recommend charging the battery in the device unless it’s your only option (Groundhog Day), but if you do or there is an update you wish to upload then i am pleased to see the Techmod has Type C USB which all new devices should now have as standard!

The charge rate is 2A so a nice quick charge although only a battery status bar is shown during charging, no percentage or estimated charge time given!


My Experience Using The Techmod!

What a cracking little side by side device the Techmod is, i absolutely love it. The build quality is as good as with any device i own and it just feels so darn good in the hand, the fire button position is perfect for thumb firing and delivers a satisfying click.

Not too sure how much of an issue not being able to set wattage for temp control will be for TC users but i have heard that although on the conservative side the TC works fine. As for Power mode every wattage i vaped at seemed accurate and 80W seemed 80W to me. The device fires without delay and hits set wattage instantly, it performs like a real trooper!

I love the simplicity of the menu system and old school display, even the slant of the screen which i thought may be an issue is just not noticed during use and aesthetically it just looks right matching the 5 degree slant of the front end of the device.

So how about any cons? Well i am struggling so need to be petty, the only one of note was how fiddly it could be to get the threading of the battery plate to catch but once it did the threading is silky smooth! Although the gaping didn’t bother me the raised 510 plate does give a visible gap which will be a con for some and again not too sure how not being able to set wattage for TC will be a draw back for TC users, finally like most of these side by sides it does limit you to a 24mm diameter tank but it’s a generous 24mm so those that are just slightly over will also fit!

Although i personally don’t recommend charging the battery in the device it does have Type C USB for Data transfer and charging with a charge rate of 2A but not much in the way of charging feedback is given, it supports pass-through!



Excellent build quality
Clean sleek looking
4 Classy colour options
Very comfortable to hold and fire
Full TC Suite (heard it works fine but if TC user recommend more research)
Performed excellently in power mode
Fires without delay with instant ramp up
Also Variable Voltage and Bypass Modes
Old school bright display
User friendly simple menu system
Type C USB
2A charge rate
Supports pass-through
Firmware Upgradeable


Can be fiddly to get battery plate threading to catch
Gap with 23 and 24mm tanks (didn’t bother me so subjective to the individual)
Can’t set wattage for TC
can only fit tanks up to 24mm in diameter (common for side by side devices)
Feel better charging feedback could be given if charging in the device
No Puff Counter (obviously only a con for those that count their puffs)


I would once again like to thank Tina from Kizoku for supplying the Techmod Side By Side TC 80W Mod for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Nicely done, and on a unique setup.


Great review @Timwis, I really like the looks of that one, although I’ve haven’t had a single 18650 mod in soooo long and don’t think that would keep up with my chain vaping style, but it does look like a comfortable mod :+1:

Ha Ha, I never did get the logic behind having a Puff Counter anyways :man_shrugging:


I’m reviewing this next so I purposely haven’t read this, I’ll give it a read when I’m done Timwis :wink:


The funny thing is because i post on so many forums i notice different things matter depending on Geography for some strange reason. So a puff counter really you would think most people wouldn’t care less about but on Ecigssa a South African forum not having a puff counter is a massive con to many!


Well just say my review is great then! It will be too late to say anything different later! :rofl:


Great review! :+1: :+1:


Much appreciated mate! :beers:


Another great review @Timwis :wink:


Much appreciated mate! :+1:


That’s a great looking mod. I’ve been looking for a SBS for the Mjolnir that I just ordered since it’s such a tall atty. Would you say this is the one to get? I’m also looking at the SXK mod that came out. What do you prefer of all SBS?


Good review mate.