Juul junk mailing via USPS

Yesterday my wife and I both received a mailing from Juul containing advertising and in- store discount coupons like Marlboro used to send to smokers. They listed us as customer #s such and such and in fine print told how we could “unsubscribe.” We’ve never purchased a Juul product or “subscribed.” I don’t like being forced to take my time to try to avoid mailings I never asked for and certainly don’t want, but am certain that I will continue to get them. We both sent sincere FUCK YOU messages. Normally I just toss my daily assortment of junk mail but I did open this since it was Juul.

The larger issue is who gave or put our names on their “customer” list. I was a roll my own smoker for a very long time before I began vaping and didn’t buy anything from Phillip Morris. I assume its from either a vape product vendor or an advocacy group we’ve tried to support. I’ve posted about the abrupt policy shift and timing of events regarding Juul/Altria/ PM. The literature contained within the mailing echos our viewpoints that we all use these products as smoking cessation products and devices.Yet its pretty clear that the underage users are after the “coolness” and buzz they can get with high nic. Clearly, I think there is more than enough evidence that Juul target marketed them.

However, buried within the “advocacy” is the fact that these corporate scum do not want these products classified as cessation products. If they did they could submit an application to FDA as such.

  1. The FDA proposed action on vaping is not a flavor ban.

  2. E cigs/ vaping are NOT legally recognized as a smoking cessation aide in the US- because the vaping industry hasn’t applied for approval as such.

Your thoughts please.

Redundantly all comments submitted claiming benefits as cessation products were set aside by FDA with typical weasel words:

"In addition to the comments specific to this rulemaking that we address in the following paragraphs, we received many general comments expressing support or opposition to the rule. These comments express broad policy views and do not address specific points related to this rulemaking. Therefore, these general comments do not require a response. Other comments outside the scope of this rulemaking also have not been addressed here.

My thoughts? Juul gives me a case of the ass. I really can’t get beyond that to think deeper. The FDA gives me a case of the ass. The CDC gives me a case of the ass. Do you see a pattern here? Tobacco companies give me a case of the ass. Our Gooberment gives me a case of the ass. Any yet? How Juul got your name, I have no idea. I don’t read every 500 page privacy policy I’m sent. The ones I have read are indecipherable. I anticipate getting every POS mailing if not directly via “every door direct” mailings. I have a trash can between the mailbox and the home entry for them. Emails, I simply mass delete prior to opening until I get bored one day and click on all the unsubscribe links. Calls, I simply don’t answer unless I feel like fucking with someone that day. Oh Saheeb!, I don’t do drugs. They are bad for you! Do you do drugs? It sounds like you do. You should quit.


I’ve got a few thoughts, as well as questions.

Reads as physical mail (to me anyways).
Was it email or traditional mail?

Though, with the mention of the option to “unsubscribe”, it sounds more like email…

If that’s the case, yet you have never purchased from them (again lending to the email leaning)… Then I’d chalk it up to spam. Translation, NONE of it holds weight. :wink: In which case I’d not suggest any type of followup. Else you alert the spammer to the fact that your account is a valid target for future reference, and/or you end up communicating with an entity (“Julie” in this case), and I don’t think highly of anything that could come from that.

Here it sounds like traditional mail again…

If it’s email, you certainly will if you continue to continue to open them! :crazy_face: :wink:

If it’s in fact a traditional snail-mail (USPS), ten that really opens up a whole new conspiracy theory. :flushed: :nauseated_face:
Simply because, if neither of you have ever been customers, yet someone took the time and expense of having printed materials done, and mailed… Then it’s an obvious attempt at further swaying public opinion. (In your case, mission accomplished. Outrage, shock, displeasure, etc)


I’m really hoping this was via email.
Because the other is on a whole new level of WTF?!?!? And I wouldn’t have dreamt of that level of ‘deranged’ (at least, not before pondering all of the how? why? and huh? of how this could have been done via printed material. :laughing:

:confused: blinks :confused:

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One time, I got an email saying that Nikki was in town and wanted to meet me. Said she was horny too. Turns out it was a spam.

Now she and her 10,000 friends who apparently like to come to town for sex and then leave won’t stop filling my Spam box.

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As long as you never try to fill one of their spam boxes, you should be good to go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And the title says USPS, so the plot thickens!!!

Yeah, I obviously missed that.
And then combine that with “Normally I just toss my daily assortment of junk mail but I did open this since it was Juul.” obviously didn’t register fully…

Not firing on all cylinders right now evidently.
My apologies

In that case, the FIRST thing I’d do is call Juu Le, give them the printed customer number, and try to finesse my way into finding out the name associated with the number (without providing it first of course); see if they match.


With the random nature of email, I would have been very surprised if they both got JUUL email at the same time. But to a physical address, different deal.

By the way, I can’t edit my posts yet so when I have random thoughts to add, as I often do, it has to be a new post. So I will be tiresome for a while.

With it being snail mail, it sounds very much like you both filled out an online petition or something and they culled that list.

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Or you put both of yourselves on a petition to increase people count.

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Title- Juul junk mailing via USPS. Physical mail. I don’t like them having my home address and identifying us as vape product users. To me its very different than normal trash.

Yes. I wish I had saved it. The printed materials explicitly promotes their products as for adults, and implies throughout that they are cessation aids when that is not what they want.

I was attempting to convey information about the many classifications as to how vaping products could be regulated as cessation aids, drugs, delivery devices, or combined. I’ll find the rule on the federal register.

Sorry, i was attempting to address multiple issues in brief paragraphs.


I know you need to have real names and addresses in some cases, like official mailings and such. But for other things, I always use a fake name. That way, when I receive unsolicited mailings, I know the original source by who it is addresses to.

Example, I once entered a drawing for a new truck. I used the name Ignatius Montleban. I obviously didn’t win, (no one does), but I got junk mail addressed to him as long as I lived in my previous house. Not even related to the truck or the company.

There are tons of address brokerages that sell addresses. There’s also a plethora of categories you can specify such as age, income, gender, average area income, etc. etc. etc. Mailing houses use programs like XM Pie in conjunction with Adobe In Design to personalize mass mailings by merging personal information from the broker.


Its not about the junk mail per se, its about the deceptive manipulation of public opinion though I don’t like the invasion of my privacy when it comes to adult products and adult decisions. I did not set out to bitch about ordinary spam via any method.

They have not attempted to classify these products as for smoking cessation. They are not advocates, they are corporations.

Sorry for misunderstanding. Kind of took the thread a direction you hadn’t intended.

Yup, all of the above. Slimey bastards.

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I engineered mailings for a mail house for a few years. I told people I built ski slopes. That’s what we do with large waste disposals here in Michigan.

No problem. These fuckers have been manipulating vapers into supporting them by submitting statements that are not even relevant to the classification of "tobacco products. My second post shows what happened to them. It is directly from the federal register clarifying the issues as FDA interpreted them. They swept away everything to do with vaping as smoking cessation because that was not “on the table.”

(my mouse is fucking up and I can barely type)

Oh no!!! You’ve been hacked! It’s the gooberment! Don’t touch your knob. We are in control. The cock suckers will take it from here!!!

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Changing batteries in my keyboard and mouse may help, so I’ll leave my tinfoil hat in the closet.

I hate to say this but the document linked below would be helpful to see where I’m coming from as far as classifications go. It’s a long read and IMO impossible to digest without considering it in its entirety. That may also mean reading court documents from the cases they rely on. A legal dictionary is probably necessary. Federal Register – 9 Jan 17

Clarification of When Products Made or Derived From Tobacco Are Regulated as…

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing this final rule to describe the circumstances in which a product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption will be subject to regulation as a drug, device, or a combination…

“FDA regulates the manufacture, sale, and distribution of drugs, devices, combination products, and tobacco products under the authority of the FD&C Act. Although the regulatory pathways for each product category differ, each product category is subject to similar types of regulatory requirements. For example, FDA’s regulatory authority for drugs, devices, combination products, and tobacco products includes authority to review and authorize the marketing of new products as well as to oversee product labeling and advertising. Thus, whether a product meets the definition of a drug, device, or tobacco product under the FD&C Act and this final regulation, the manufacture, sale, and distribution of the product are subject to the applicable requirements of the FD&C Act.”

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