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I thought I would throw this picture up. I’m a “small batch king” so I mix 5 or 10 ml at a time to test, and I hop around to a lot of different recipes. When I find one I like, I keep the label on the bottle. I view myself as more of an “Adaptologist” than a Mixologist - most times I’m not creative enough to create recipes from scratch, but I have a personal database of over 1250 recipes that I keep in Juice Calculator (the link won’t embed, but the tool can be located at http://www.diyjuicecalculator.com) that I adapt for my own use without buying 1,000 different flavors! And ever since I found the Cosmic Truth Calculators (see below) and the ELR Flavors Database with Median values, most of my substitution questions are answered. I actually started using EJuiceMeUp, but I hated the way it stored each recipe as it’s own recipe file, so I spent the better part of a week importing, and then cleaning up the database file of duplicate flavors and such.


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