Juice Company Tour

Twisted 420 is not my favorite reviewer, but he seems more humble and down to earth interacting with people. I keep looking for little things to notice. When he goes to mix some juice, the nic seems dark to me.



Nic maturation? :laughing:


Funny that he chose one of the shittiest companies to tour…

I tried their $1 promotional sampler pack awhile back, and only ONE was even marginally decent. (SC2: strawberries and cream)

Personally, I have no idea how they stay in business.


I expected a juice factory to just be a room full of grannies and stoners squeezing crap into bottles and sliding them along the counter.

As for that particular place, I used to get a lot of juices from them before I did DIY (like 2015, early 2016). They were cheap, and had a select few that were OK enough to stomach for the price. Wife did have a few she really liked. Funny thing though… the ones she seemed to like the most were the easiest to clone, like Double Rainbow (which is so close to TFA Rainbow Drops at 8% it’s a virtual certainty that’s the secret formula, probably with some Sucralose in there too).


On Cloud Custard is not bad but in general Vape Wild juice is harsh, guessing it is that dark ass nic they use.

I like The Sauce LA better and they usually have those killer sales all the time. Been awhile since I bought juice though
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